Lee had really messed up when her requested “No slutty versions of normal costumes” when his girlfriend Rae went to shop for them. Sure he loved them on other girls, but he didn’t want his girlfriend all tarted up in front of his friends at the party. Rae seemed a bit disappointed, as she enjoyed dressing up, but Lee had agreed to a couples costume, so at least there was that.

When she had returned several hours later, Rae was beaming from ear to ear. She proudly showed off the two costumes. An adorable little Bumble Bee for Lee, and a tasteful Ladybug for herself. Lee stood in awe, the costume looked incredibly silly for a guy to wear, but Rae was so set on being a pair of “Lovebugs”. Knowing he couldn’t say no to her face, he succumbed to her desires and agreed to wear it that evening.

As they changed into the costumes, Lee couldn’t help but remark at the surprising fit of the costume. Everything from the tights to the flopping wings seemed to fit perfectly. Asking Rae where she got them, she could only tell him some shop at the mall. “But the weird guy running it said it would fit us perfectly and be the perfect couple!”. Lee sighed, and waited for her to change so they could leave. Exiting in her costume, Lee was shocked and angry! Her version was a short dress version of Ladybug, with long stockings. She even had made her face up, and was wearing a blonde wig, covering up her shorter brown locks. “Rae, I said nothing slutty!” he shouted. She rolled her eyes and told him to lighten up and quit being such a prude. At the comment Lee found himself suddenly accepting of it, envying it almost. “Lets go hun, were gonna be late!” Rae teased as she grabbed her little purse. Lee was almost in a haze as he grabbed his keys and wallet, finding the sudden addition of a strap helpful since the costume had no pockets.

By the time they arrived, Lee was much more relaxed, having danced along to the radio in the car with his best girlfriend Rae. He was so envious of how sexy she looked. Her dress had tightened as her breasts swelled against the fabric tightly. Her ass was barely covered, and now that he shoes had grown taller, it looked even more amazing. Lee could only look down as his frumpy outfit, wishing he had more to show off to match Rae’s little number. As they strolled up to the front door, Rae leaned over and whispered in a cute tone “Just remember, be confident, and the guys will be all over you”. This awakedned a deep need inside his body. A burning desire to be wanted. To be filled. As they walked up the drive, he felt his body shift and alter. His hair tumbling down in curls, closing matching Raes. His legs toned and hairless, his stocking becoming sexier, his shoes shrinking, yet growing taller. With each step his ass grew slightly, jiggling more and more. His chest following suit, his obvious lack of bra made apparent, but as they grew firmer, a bra was hardly needed. Even more concerning was the cool breeze betwixt his legs, as his lack of panties became apparent. This only made him more turned on as his manhood, fully erect swung free, before sucking up inside in a wet little pop. He stuttered for a bit, letting out a little moan, with Rae catching him “Girl, keep it together!” she instructed “ Gotta make it inside before we can have fun” Leah smiled back, and squeezed her legs together trying to keep the warmth inside as they rang the doorbell.

“The entertainment is here!” shouted a male voice from the other side of the door, welcoming the two lovely young ladies in side. “Im Rae, and this is Leah, but we are just your lovebugs tonight” Rae announced, to the entirely male crowd, none of whom were costumed. Very quickly the girls began moving through the room, as loud pop music boomed. Grinding against the guys, sliding their hands suggestively around their packages, and otherwise enticing the men the ply them with tips. Leah especially seemed to enjoy the attention, a feeling she had never really experienced before. As hand began to roam her body, she began to warm more and more. She slowly began to pull her outfit lower and lower, before finding Rae fully nude smothering a partygoer with her enormous chest. Leah quickly followed suit, before finding herself burying a young mans face into her body. She reveled in the feeling, enjoying the wetness between her leg, hardly noticing the young man grabbing her chest, which was normally a big no-no. Lost in feeling, Rae pulled her away, and bringing her in front of the crowd. “Now where is the birthday boy?” she asked, a young man being pushed to the front of the crowd. Pulling the boy with her in one hand and Leah in the other she could only whisper “Just watch me” winking at Leah.

Leah knelt in-front of the manhood in front of her “Go on, give it a taste” giggled Rae next to her. “It wont bite”. Rae grabbed the cock in front of her and began to gently run her tongue up and down it, eliciting a moan from her suitor. Encouraged by the moans she began to get more into it, sucking gently, and swirling her tongue around. She could feel her urges building. She wanted him to cum for her. She wanted to be fucked. As she began to feel him twitch and swell, Rae pulled her away. The sudden shock startled her for a moment, until she realized Rae was stealing all the cum from her. Gawd she was such a bitch she thought. Watching the man explode on her face, she felt deep jealously and anger. Rae smiled up at the man, her face coated. “Now its time for you to take sweet Leah-Bees Party cherry”. The man quickly grabbed Leah, and pulled her to the bed. Leah could only feel her pussy quiver in anticipation. “She was a bitch, but at least I get mine” she thought, as the cock slid into her.

When Lee awoke the following morning, finding himself In bed with another man, and his girlfriend, he began to panic, and shoke Rae awake. She seemed to already be awake, playing with the young mans penis, as he groaned gently. “Just put your ears back on hun and enjoy breakfast in bed” she groaned, tossing the headband back at Lee. Lee tried to yell back, but solemnly placed them back on his head, his body starting to change again, grinning as he leaned over to fight Rae for the prize in the sheets.


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