Cats and water

That really was not what I expected.

I was with a friend, watching funny animal videos. One of them showed a cat being scared by a loud noise and juming in the air, only to fall in a pool. We obviously laughed a lot, but we ended up wondering why cats hated water and if they could swin.

My friend believed in magic things, and asked me if I wanted to know how it felt to be a cat in water.
I told me it was impossible, but he insisted that he knew an old lady who would be able to do it. I wasn’t taking him seriously, but I still ended up following him there.

The (very) old lady semed to expect us, and after we explained what we needed, she gave us some liquid and said it would make the one who drank her potion into a ”cute little kitty” after going into a pool.

My friend was very excited about trying the potion, but when we arrived he told me he didn’t want to be the one testing it. I didn’t want to test it either (I didn’t belive it, but I wouldn’t take the risk). He then proposed to play a game of dice to decide who’d become a cat first.

Obviously, he cheated, but I didn’t know it then.

Keeping my parole, I slowly drank the potion, trying to decipher a taste. I was starting to think we’d been sold water.
We went by the side of his pool, and I froze. The jump would be easy to do, but what if I really became a ”cute little kitty”, how would I turn back? I turned to my friend to ask him if he knew, but before any word could come out of my mouth, he pushed me in the water.

I immediately felt like I was being compressed around the chest and the waist. I thought the transformation was starting, but I didn’t feel any other change. I got up in the water, and the fact that I was still standing on my two legs proved me I wasn’t a cat.

”See? That lady sold us a bottle of water!” I told my friend. I sounded wierd, as if I had a high voice. My friend was looking at me happily. He said the potion had worked, and I looked down at my body.

I was a girl! I was wearing a girl swimsuit, which let my breast nearly uncovered, and I had twintails under the cat ear costume that was on my head. My arms and legs were slender and…

My friend’s dick was out. I didn’t know when he’d taken it out, but I felt as if I HAD to get it in my mouth.

And that’s how I became my friend’s ”cute little kitty” sex toy with the help of his grandmother.


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