Let’s keep it this way

“So… Have you been enjoying our family vacations?” Emily smiled at her uncle Mike. Before the whole family went on vacations together Emily and Mike decided to check out what their life would look like as each other so they went to the body swap clinic. After a few days they knew it was a great idea. Emily liked being a handsome man and picking up women while Mike enjoyed the body of a lovely, teenage girl and the attention he recived from boys.

‘You know i’ve been thinking. It seems like i’m into women right now. But it’s your body and i can’t do anything without your permission” She said. “You know, i feel the same. I mean the boys seem so cute right now. I would really like to hang out with someone but i won’t do anything inappropriate in your body” Mike said. After a long awkward silence Emily finally spoke “You know… How about we keep our new bodies?” Emily nervously scratched the back of her head. “Sounds great. You can be me and i can be you” The new Emily smiled. After that they both went their own way to enjoy their vacations and their new lives.


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