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Let’s keep it this way

“So… Have you been enjoying our family vacations?” Emily smiled at her uncle Mike. Before the whole family went on vacations together Emily and Mike decided to check out what their life would look like as each other so they went to the body swap clinic. After a few days they knew it was a great idea. Emily liked being a handsome man and picking up women while Mike enjoyed the body of a lovely, teenage girl and the attention he recived from boys. Read more

It was a great idea

Robert and his daughter Nancy were going on a vacation trip. To make it more exciting they decided to change roles for the whole trip so they went to the body exchange clinic. When Robert woke up in his daughter’s body he was amazed how diffirent it felt to be a teenage girl. “It sure took you long to wake up princess” Nancy teased and then smiled. “Are you ready to go?” She asked. “Sure Daddy” Robert laughed at the fact that he is calling his old body daddy now. Read more