Wonderful marriage (My aunt Melanie. Part 11)

The past week i had with my husband was wonderful. I enjoyed being his wife and when we had sex together it felt amazing. I realize i’m not his real wife, this life is only temporary and one day i will go back to being a teenage boy. I try not to think about it and enjoy myself until i can.
Few day’s ago i got a phone call from my aunt. She found the stone. It’s hard to say what i felt at this moment. I was glad to finally be able to get my old life back but on the other hand i think i will miss this one. Over time i got used to this body and this lifestyle. Being called Melanie, darling and mom seemed so natural right now that i will have a hard time to get used to my old life. Well we still have some time since then. We will be able to see eachother in eight months, since my older brother is getting married and i got invited. Untli then i’ll focus on what i have right now and enjoy it whille i still can.

I was just getting ready for our evening. James invited me to dancing and i was looking forward to it, despite the fact i couldn’t really dance. I was trying to look perfect. I can’t count how many times i fixed my make up or hair, not to mention how many times i changed my dress into a diffirent one. James was getting impatient. I know i made him wait but he does not understand how important it is for a woman to look good. He should be glad i got a lot of practice since the swap and i’m able do do my make up a lot faster now.

After finally deciding on my outfit we left our house. As we got at the place i was a little nervous. I was really terible at dancing and the heels i wore today didn’t make it easier, although i had no problems with walking in them. James immidiately noticed it. I had to make some excuses about my complete lack of skill. I don’t know if he belived but he was the one who lead for the rest of the evening. After w got tired he went for a walk. At this moment i was able to forget about my life as a boy. Nothing mattered right now, only me and my husband. I just wished this could last forever.
As we got home James looked at me. “We still have 30 minutes before we pick up Timmy from the neighbors” He winked. I rised my eyebrow “30 minutes?” I said and came closer. “After 15 minutes you won’t be able to walk when i get my hands on you” I whispered into his ear. “I accept the chalenge” James smiled and started to undress me.


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