Let me help you

George and I had been best friends since grade school. His family was wealthy, and mine had barely anything, but still we hit it off. He often would convince his parents to buy me things that I wanted as we grew up. I was a bit ashamed, but did not want to turn down gifts.

When I came out as transgender, my family cut me off, but George was there for me. “Let me help you with these transition costs”. I couldn’t say know. I needed them to be happy.

But over the course of the transition, I realized our feelings for each other were changing.

So one day, I walked in to his room completely nude, knowing he slept naked. I whispered into his ear “Let me help you for once”. I grabbed his dick, and started to give him the best blow job that I knew how. Needless to say, he appreciated my “help”, and now that we are dating, I make sure to help myself to his dick at least once a day. He sure isn’t complaining.


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