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Sorority Revenge (Pt1 of a new series)

I loved being a part of Phi Alpha Pi (or FAP as we jokingly called ourselves), my 3 years in the Fraternity had been very enjoyable. This year, I was assigned Andrew as a pledge to help guide through. He was nice enough, and we got along, so I can’t complain much. For one of this years hazing rituals we were assigned a weird one- to embarrass our pledges they had to show up at a party dressed as women. Whatever, Andrew and I would knock this one out of the park. Read more

Who is Bella?

Bella had only ever been with women. Even before her transition she had only been interested in women. Her bisexual wife was happy to stay with her as she embraced her true gender, and she had even taught her a lot of things about her new body and new vagina. Read more

Let me help you

George and I had been best friends since grade school. His family was wealthy, and mine had barely anything, but still we hit it off. He often would convince his parents to buy me things that I wanted as we grew up. I was a bit ashamed, but did not want to turn down gifts. Read more

Sex Ed

I have made many mistakes in my life, but perhaps the biggest mistake was telling my girlfriend that her blow job technique could use some improvement. Read more