It’s not fair

My friend Alan and I were just friends going for a swim in the hotel pool. If you are a guy jumping into the pool in your swim trunks that is what you should be when you swim to the other end.

Even though you could put chemical-genetic liquids into the pool, you shouldn’t. Alan become Alana and being offered a pool snack is not fair. When I saw what was happening I swam to the end of the pool to get out. By the time I got there I was a sexy brunette with just my bikini bottoms.

The guy at the end of the pool was sitting there with his cock hanging out. He said, “Hi Tammy, you know what you want.” My name’s Tim! But I did want it and things had changed and I could hear Alana slurping away and it seemed like the thing to do.

So I pulled myself to the edge of the pool and the next thing you know I had wrapped my lips around it.
He said, “Tammy do what comes naturally.”

I have to admit it did seem like the natural thing to do. And there were a couple of other guys there who were watching and after the guy was done they wanted me to do the natural thing with them, too.


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