Condoms aren’t 100 percent effective

“I think we know why you weren’t turning back,” my girlfriend asked from the doorway of our apartment bathroom. Wiping my mouth, but not turning to face her, I quietly responded, “Yeah.” I knew what she was thinking, but I couldn’t wrap my head around it.

It was about a month and a half prior that my girlfriend and I had found that strange medallion at a garage sale. For some reason, she bought it and brought it back to our apartment. I’m not sure if she ever even intended to wear it. We might not have ever known what it did had I not knocked it off the dresser into the laundry basket filled with her dirty clothes. Picking it up, I felt a slight spark or shock. I waved it up at first, but within minutes, I realized something was terribly wrong. Thirty minutes later, I was an exact copy of my girlfriend. We both freaked out for the rest of the afternoon. I had tried to touch the medallion to my clothes to no effect. It was only late that night we tried again. Sure enough, I changed back. That’s went fear turned to curiosity.

My girlfriend purchased a new pair of panties and I purchased a new pair of boxer-briefs. We spent a weekend transformed into the forms we each would have had if we had been born a member of the opposite sex. Despite the strangeness of it all, we didn’t hesitate to mess around. Indeed, we spent most of the weekend in bed. Come Sunday night, we both used the medallion to change back for the work-week.

We agreed to try spending weekends in these alternate forms. We had been together for 5 years, and while the sex was still great, it hadn’t been as frequent of late. That changed this last month. Our weekends were filled with the kind of wild and regular sex we hadn’t been accustomed to since early in our relationship.

Wanting to spend a bit longer as my female alter ego, I used a week’s worth of vacation days to luxuriate in my new femininity. My girlfriend didn’t take the week off, but still changed the weekend before my vacation. As was usual, we fucked liked bunnies. I spent the week experiencing life as a member of the fairer sex. I went shopping, participated in a yoga class at our gym, got a mani-pedi. I even bought a bikini and went swimming/tanning at the lakefront beach a few blocks from our apartment. My girlfriend and I experimented a little with one another to some success. We enjoyed it, but realized quickly that she and I – in my female form – were both more attracted to men than women. Of course, I didn’t have to wait long as the weekend saw me taking her surprisingly big cock in every position imaginable. It had been a good week … but I wasn’t looking to extend it. Unfortunately the medallion didn’t work on Sunday … at least for me. My girlfriend had turned back into her female self, but I remained a woman. She tried a couple of times and successfully switched back and forth. I had no such luck. I was forced to use up more of my vacation days and sick days as the next few weeks passed with no change.

Now, I wouldn’t have even considered birth control or protection of any kind had it not been for my girlfriend. From the beginning, she was sure to use a condom every time we had sex. And while I knew, at least subconsciously, that condoms weren’t 100% effective, I had trusted them as man. ‘Perhaps, I was too trusting,’ I thought to myself as I knelt there on the bathroom floor on Friday night, leaning on the toilet seat. This was the third day in row I had been sick. And as with the previous two days, the feeling of nausea was going away again.

“I think we need to pick up a test at the store – just to be sure,” my girlfriend said. “But I’m pretty sure I know how it’ll come out.” I did too. It wasn’t what I had ever expected to happen to me, but I was going to need to accept the reality of my situation. Me; a mother. I could do it. I’d have my girlfriend – now BFF – there to support me. And, my baby-daddy would definitely be required from time to time.

“We’ll get a test tomorrow,” I said, turning my head around to look at her. “But tonight, how about my boyfriend make sure we aren’t buying one for nothing?” I wiggled my tights-clad ass at her and grinned.


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