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Manic Pixie Dream Transformation

Manic Pixie Dream Transformation

It all started after a depressing break up. John had expressed disappointment to his friend that his life was not like a romantic comedy. That he had no manic pixie dream girl to chase after.
“That’s a pretty problematic trope,” his friend had said.
John nodded agreement. “I’d still like a girl like that.”
“Would she have to be a girl?” His friend asked.
“What do you mean?”
“Could she be trans?”
John thought for a moment, and nodded. His friend gave him a strange wink. Read more


One night, me and my best friend James were playing videogames, when I asked him a favor “Dude, I need your help. You owe me big time, and what I am about to ask is not an easy task”. He looked at me, while drinking the last of his beers, “sure dude, ask away” he said. “Well, my parents said that they will take me out of the will if I don’t get my life together” I told him. “you need some money or something? I wish I could lend you some, but…” he said. “No dude, thanks, but I wish it was as easy as money. They told me that a quick way to know I was more mature, would be if I had a girlfriend, and we were engaged. So, can you help me?” I asked him. “Sure, dude, anything”. I was so glad he had agreed. Read more

Let me help you

George and I had been best friends since grade school. His family was wealthy, and mine had barely anything, but still we hit it off. He often would convince his parents to buy me things that I wanted as we grew up. I was a bit ashamed, but did not want to turn down gifts. Read more