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Meeting Our Needs Swinging

“Mmmmm,” We both passionately moaned. I tasted my wife, my love, my soulmate on my lips as her soft thighs gripped me. I remember when I relied on my torso and arm strength alone as I would make love to her standing up. No more, my days of hunk status muscle strength are long gone. Instead I am left to prop her frame over my protruding hips, not that I have the same equipment to make love with as we once did. Read more

Best Friends Forever

April and I had known each other since middle school. People has mocked us for being a boy and girl who were just friends. It was annoying, but even as we had gone off to college together, our friendship just was not ever meant to be romantic. Read more

Let me help you

George and I had been best friends since grade school. His family was wealthy, and mine had barely anything, but still we hit it off. He often would convince his parents to buy me things that I wanted as we grew up. I was a bit ashamed, but did not want to turn down gifts. Read more