The body and then the mind

I bought a bodysuit from an online store. I was so excited, it had the shape of a really hot brunette girl. In the description it said that she was a bimbo that could only think of sex. The best part of the suit was that whoever wore it, would start to behave as said bimbo. It would change the persons body and then the mind.

I was supposed to get it yesterday, but for some reason, I didn’t receive it. I checked online for tracking info, and it said delivered. “Maybe my roommate” I thought. I heard some noise coming from the kitchen. I was surprised to see Kim, my bodysuit jumping up and down on the kitchen counter. She had a dildo inside her pussy. She was smiling. “James?” I asked. She nodded and then said “Not anymore. I am Kim. Come here big boy, I am getting tired of this plastic dildo, I want the real thing”. I took off my clothes, and walked towards her. She took the dildo out, and jumped on my arms. She was incredibly wet. We had sex for hours.

It didn’t turn out so bad, I wanted to try the suit for myself. But now I have a very kinky girlfriend.


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