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Stuck as Melissa (part 1, interactive)

My name is Robert Bateman, and I am the hardest working attorney in New York City if not the entire world. After two straight years of not taking a single day off, I booked a week long vacation to the Bahamas. There I was relaxing on the beach when I drifted off to sleep on the sand… Read more

Teached a Lesson

I always filmed it when I fucked the girls i hooked up with in the local bar. Of course I had my own channel at a multinational porn website and made good money with uploading the videos. Of course I made sure, that my face wasn’t visible just in case and no girl knew of course, or so I thought… Read more

Underground Body Market 3

“You goddamn idiot! He told you to be especially aware that you need to part your plush lips from time to time to suck some cock if you want to keep her job. But no! You simply had to refuse your boss 3 times in a row after you sucked him off one time instead of going with it. Your body doesn’t even have a gag reflex Max, no need to be scared about! And after you lost your job, you simply couldn’t get a suitible job for a body like yours, like being a high class escort, no, you simply rushed to the next idiotic pimp, which started to abuse you and didn’t pay you enough to keep your standarts. And if that wasn’t enough you had to rob money from him and now he is after you for revenge!”, you hissed at Max furiously, as you two were walking towards the underground body market. Read more

Body swap: From man to milf

It all happened so fast I barely had time understand what was happening. One minute I was talking to my mother in law and okay maybe I was staring a little but who can blame me when she is such a hottie. In an instant I went from admiring here huge tits feeling them hanging from my own chest. She didn’t even give me a second to adjust as she stripped me naked and bent me over the washing machine. I was helpless to resist as she used my own young male body to overwhelm me. Read more

Babysitting turnabout

Jody was stunned and unable to speak. She was sitting on a sofa, in a weak 12 year old male body and couldn’t move a muscle, while watching her old body playing with her boobs.
Richy on the other hand was more than happy. After ripping of the top his babysitter had been wearing, he leaned forward and began to fondle the soft breasts with an mischievous smile on his now full lips, as he released his hands to let them dangling on his chest to taunt her. Read more

Mall Hopping

Sean always had a thing for skinny and big breasted girls with blonde hair. When he spotted Sophie in the local shopping mall, he knew he had to give her body a spin.
So he followed her for quite some time until she finished her shopping trip with a lot of new clothes, especially some sexy new lingerie which Sean even suggested her to buy! Read more

Dirty mind

Sarah couldn’t believe what she saw on the PC of a stranger. She was somehow videochatting with herself!
Apparantly someone was using her own body for disgusting things she would never do herself.
But there she sat in the body of some disgusting old man and couldn’t turn her face away while she watched her old body was deepthroating a pink dildo completely naked on her bed!
Even more confusing, it was turning her on badly…
As Sarah’s body gave it a lick, she came in her new pants.

Girlfriend theft

“Oh wow! Who is she? You look fantastic!”, Robert wrote to Jim after he got a selfie from his best friend. “Oh, she is just some girl I spotted on my usual tour as always ;)”, Jim texted back. “Apparently she was about to go on a date with her boyfriend, already got her make up on and her hair are freshly done. I can still smell her shampoo and her perfume and her breasts bounce around with every step, it’s so arousing.”
“When I look at the picture of you in that gorgeous body Jim something down there gets really hard…”, Robert explained.
“You know, I know for sure that she made herself all sexy to let her boyfriend get lucky tonight. But guess what, now I know someone else who will get lucky”, Jim wrote seductively…

Neighbor possession

“Awww yeah! That body feels so awesome!”, Chris chirped in his new angelic voice he borrowed from his sexy neighbor Melinda who just turned 26 last week. After he found out about an old spell from his grandmother where he could become a ghost and possess anyone he wanted, he quickly took his chance to get out of his own fat and nerdy body to fly into Melinda here, who’s body he always envied.
The whole new experience of being a girl, the weight of his new black hair up in a bun, the lonely strand tickling his left boob, the feeling of his new female flesh bouncing with every movement on his ribcage, the emptiness between his long and sexy legs, the perfectly rounded ass, even the pearl earrings in his new ears, his new light and well proportioned body with it’s tattoos and nicely done manicure on his new female hands made him shiver with excitement. He felt so energetic, he started to dance with this flexible body of a goddess she had been to him. He covered his fleshy beasts with his left and bit his right little finger as he smiled to his new self as he admired him in Melinda’s mirror.
The thought of being fucked by men who found him attractive, made his new pussy tingle and really wet.
He quickly found some sexy thong, a baby blue low cut top, a really tight dark blue jeans to show of his acquired curves, white high heels and one shiny ring for each hand. To finish his outfit, he put the black necklace with the sparkling diamond he always liked on her, around his neck.
“I look sooo perfect I could fuck myself. Too bad I can’t do that but I can get any man I want to do that for me now. I just hope her body can stand my nerdy sex drive, haha.”, he said to himself looking at her body in the mirror and winked at her, now his, beautiful face while licking his lips with a wicked smile.

All yours

“Alright baby; you know what I want.” he said to me, I sighed and then began removing my gown, exposing my tits along with the rest of my naked body to his video camera.
Ugh, disgusting pig; looking at me like I’m his personal sex toy; well have a good look buddy because as soon as we have sex it’ll be all yours; I just can’t wait to see the look on your new face when I walk off in your body.
I must say, I’ll miss this body a bit; but if I don’t do this I’ll be stuck as a porn star forever, I still remember the day this bitch, or whoever possessed her body at the time stole my life, well now it’s my turn.
I notice him set the camera down onto its stand, he then starts to remove his pants, revealing the obvious erection resting beneath; have a good look at these tits pal, in thirty minutes they’ll be all yours.