Cosplaying Right

“Who needs to pay for a pass when you have a tits a man could die for?” Eric said gazing at his reflection in the mirror, the pretty girl smirked back.

The 16 year old shapeshifter had a crush on Scarlet Johansson’s Black Widow, she was just so fine kicking ass in her skin tight suit. He knew every man at the convention would thought the same thing. He at first took the form of Johansson herself and “sculpted” it down to something different, but still somewhat the same. He ultimately decided it was took risky to be a Scarlet Johansson look alike out in public and took a more “normal” form with one exception.

“I might not look like Scarlett anymore,” he said looking down at his cleavage, “but you two girls certainly do. Let’s get ourselves a free ride to the con!”


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