Leo the Tard

“Leo you ‘tard, why are you so dumb,” asked Larry his coworker on the construction job site, after he nearly knocked out Larry with a 2×4 by accident.

Leo didn’t say anything, much as he usually did when Larry treated him badly. As they kept working, an old lady walked by, and Leo nearly tripped her by accident with the power saw cord! Larry looked over angrily.

“Leo, they should call you ‘Leo ‘tard’ since you act like a flippin’ ‘tard so much. You big dumb bimbo, why don’t you grow a pair, and do your job right,” said Larry.

“Not even going to ask if I’m ok, there young man? You are more concerned with scolding your friend here, than seeing if an old lady like me is ok? He made a mistake, and as I can see, he is upset,” said the old woman.

Leo did have a tear rolling down his left eye, he was sad from the insults, and the mistakes that caused them! He didn’t want to trip old ladies, he was just a bit not attentive to his surroundings. The old woman seen the tear and that set her off, and… of course, she had a family medallion with her in her purse, one that would set things right for wrongdoers like Larry.

She touched the medallion and asked for help for this man’s wrongdoings. She only used the medallion sparingly through her life, but when she did, things had a weird way of working out. She was on her way, and the guys continued working their shift. When Larry got home he was ready to change for a shower, and that’s when he was going to be taught a lesson from the medallion the old woman used.

As he was pulling off his briefs he noticed his hands change, smaller with long slender fingers and long nails?! Then something long and silky cascaded around his face and over his shoulders! He felt his lips plump up, and his face rearrange itself, as he chest expanded with two huge boobs! His skin got softer as he got curvier, his hips and ass becoming bigger, his waist narrowing, as his arms became smaller and skinnier, and his legs more shapely, as any external body hair dissolved, except for his eyebrows! He was in stunned as his muscle mass dwindled, he became softer and more flexible.

The underwear he was tugging at changed as well, though he had trouble seeing it past his huge new cleavage, they turned to a nylon/spandex blend and black, and pulled up against his crotch made him feel the fact that he had nothing sticking out down there any longer, no cock, no balls! Then his socks morphed into nylon/spandex too, going up his legs and covering all the way to above his new tits, and turning sheer and black. Combined with the underwear, it appeared like he had a nylon leotard on over his very curvy body!

Larry hefted his boobs in shock, then touched his crotch in shock too, then felt his large round ass, his flared hips, and then his long blonde hair, finally screaming only to hear his new high pitched voice! He knew he was changing to a chick, and the voice confirmed this! He fled for a mirror and low and behold reflecting back was a busty curvy blonde beautiful blonde!

“Like, oh my gosh, like what happened to me, I’m like totally a chick now! Why, um, am I like talking like this too,” wondered Larry.

His IQ was rapidly dropping as he was becoming a blonde bimbo! Payback was served as Larry was instead of calling his coworker “Leo ‘tard”, he called his friend big and dumb, and now he was big in the ass and chest, instead of his coworker “growing a pair” he lost a pair, and he was becoming less intelligent than Leo too! Larry got what he, no SHE deserved!

Soon reality itself shifted a bit, and though Larry remembers being Larry, he was now Lara Bust Lay-a-tard, stripper at the strip club called Melon Mart down the street! The old woman remembered who he was before too, but except for Larry and her, no one else remembers Larry the obnoxious construction worker, only Lara the busty leotard wearing stripper!

To rub things in, Leo went with some of Larry’s coworkers to the strip club the Friday he had to work, and Larry had to work, his boss was also a pimp, and forced him to go to work after getting into Larry, well Lara’s house! Larry was trying to dance on stage, tears rolling down her eyes, as she seen Leo and his former coworkers offering bills begging Lara to strip! Lara was a bit put off, and upset but not for long, as her new desires to show off and for men pushed her into it! She couldn’t believe how exposed she felt, or how dumb she felt now too, so ditzy, she tripped three times backstage in her heels. What she also couldn’t believe was she was having dirty thoughts about sucking off Leo backstage in a VIP room! She couldn’t believe this, she was a blonde bimbo now, and was thinking like one! Now she realized she never should have called Leo dumb, and now she was the dumb one!


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