We volunteer!

When the world had too many males the government began changing men into women. Groups of male friends were chosen at random to become groups of female friends.
Mike and Larry wanted to be female so they could help the human race. So they went into the government and volunteered. The government was shocked that a man would volunteer to be a girl. Due to the rareness of the situation they allowed Mike and Larry to select their features.
Mike decided to become Mia (left) who was short with huge round breasts.
Larry in the other hand chose the conservative approach and became Lauren (right) who was basic and standard with blonde hair.
The pair loved the fact that they helped the survival of the human race. They also loved their new forms. However, Mia was beginning to tire of the stares at her breasts.
They are still the only people who went to the government transformation centre and said: “We volunteer!”


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