Carly Ryder

Tim was shocked when during the Great Shift, he swapped bodies with Carly Ryder, the sluttiest girl in high school. Not only that, but when he swapped with her he found he was touching the tip of some guy’s cock as she was sitting on him with her pert tits exposed, her long hair down, and her fat ass on this guy’s stomach. Tim turned around to see who it was, and it was the science teacher Mr. Dick Burns.

Tim wondered why he felt so turned on and horny, especially touching that dick, but when he spoke he realized he was Carly, and it all became clear! He had her slutty desires, that cock actually looked good to him now, and he was thinking Mr. Burns was hot! Tim knew about the Great Shift, and realized this was probably what happened, but he was so caught up in the moment, he couldn’t walk away! He shoved the leotard aside his pussy, noticing how strange it was to have one, and sat on the cock, hoping Mr. Burns wasn’t swapped with someone also and stopping the act.

Mr. Burns was not swapped, and Tim now Carly rode him. Tim then realized he felt in bliss, being penetrated by a big hard hunk.

Tim shouted in Carly’s voice, “Oh, oh, I’m Carly Ryder, and I love to ride cocks!”

No one cared, as the school outside his locked office was in chaos with all the swaps, including Principal Woody, who found himself in a men’s room stall on his new nylon clad knees sucking a “woody” from Blain Blart the school quarterback! He was now in the body of Brenda Beaverson, fashionista, and horny slut. Before “she” could even react, getting whiff of the musky man scent in the stall, Blain shoved her already hiked up tight skirt even higher, and thrusted through her shiny nude pantyhose entering her with his big huge cock. Principal Woody was stunned in female bliss, and finally gave in, realizing somehow she was turned on by this guy and his cock, and it felt oh so good! He heard his own voice, moaning with his “new” man, and realized he was Brenda Beaverson.

He shouted from the stall, “I’m Brenda Beaverson, and please take my ‘beaverson’ take it all, shove that man meat inside me stud!”

Without protection, and forgetting to pull away before their men came, both Tim and Principal Woody both ended up pregnant. They both never had “beer” bellies in their lives, but now would have huge pregnancy bellies soon enough. This showed them when caught up in the moment, even after a body swap, you need to think straight or at least try to or face the consequences later on!


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