My Roommates

I walked into the dorm on Saturday evening to find my four roommates just hanging out. Jerry had all sorts of liquids and powders out and was mixing up a concoction that looked a lot like a margarita. He said “Dan do you want this”. I didn’t see any reason why not.

So after I drank it Jake said, “I can’t believe you did that.”
In a minute I couldn’t believe it either. It put me into a drifting stage of semi-consciousness. I truly felt every cell of my body was being re-arranged. I slowly was able to focus but not until after Jerry started yelling “It worked! It worked!

He wasn’t wrong. I was a woman in every way. I reached down to where my cock once was a felt a shiver. Jerry said, “Whoa, Danielle. You’re checking it out.” It is true that I really liked my boobs and my very shapely legs.

I looked at the four of them and expected to see fascination that Jerry’s potion had worked. Instead I saw something else that I recognized, having been a man. I immediately said, “No way, you guys. No way. Roommates do not fuck roommates. Ever.”

Jerry had not forgotten that I had touched myself. He just unzipped and brought out his big cock. “Exceptions can be made to that rule, Danielle.” I glanced at it and the potion took over. I said, “You guys don’t have what it takes to fuck me”.

As he put it between my lips he said to the other guys. “Give Danielle a special chance to celebrate her new sex.” And they lifted me up and made my first evening memorable. It turns out they did have what it takes to fuck me. And they had what it takes again later in the evening.


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