((specially to @reaperbot666))

BILL_ Oh no! Mark!

OWEN_ Fuck…

MARK_ I knew it, fuck! I fucking knew it! I don’t believe you two! Fuck Owen, I told you to stay away! And you, oh my god this is so gross… What mom would say?

BILL_ Mark, it’s… it’s not what… well, you should be at college, shouldn’t you?

MARK_ *laughs cynically* Are you kidding me, right? Are you trying to be my dad now? You’re just a whore fucking my best friend; well guess what! He should be at college too!

OWEN_ Come on man, take it easy… don’t call her that…

BILL THOUGHTS_ Oh this is so humiliating! Since Owen went to the strip club. Well, I have… this body has urges, and one thing led to another, we begin seeing each other frequently, secretly. It’s been a while now. We are doing so good keeping it secret, but deep down I knew it it was just a matter of time, Owen was skipping lots of classes and one day my wife almost saw a condom package under the bed that I had missed. Now, I don’t know what I’ll do if Mark tells her mother, I’m fucked, I’m lost. This is a terrible situation, but I confess that I couldn’t contain a smile when I listened Owen defending me.

MARK_ Are you defending this WHORE? Really Owen? Are you two dating now? Are you in love? Fuck Owen, he gets naked for money, fuck man, he’s my stepfather! He’s a fucking man!

BILL_ Please Mark… calm down… I know it’s confusing… and strange… but…

OWEN_ She was a man, Mark. Now, she’s a beautiful woman, and yes, I’m in love with her, so do whatever you want, but stop insulting her, ok?

BILL THOUGHTS_ Oh my god, this is a shock! I just stand with my mouth open, as shocked as Mark, who instantly got silent. The boy… the boy… Owen loved me? Damn! This makes me feel… good? This is so strange… and… well… kind of cute too. Maybe I’m not so lost after all.

OWEN_ I’m sorry it had to be this way, and I’m sorry we had to lie, ok? But this is the truth, and we are ready to face it, right Bella?

BILL THOUGTHS_ I just nod silently, shocked, surprised but embarrassingly very happy. I look at him being so mature and brave, and a huge admiration feeling takes control of me. Is this serious? Do I love him too? This is so mindfucking. But yes, maybe I’m not so lost. Yes… maybe I’m not.


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