Where am I now? In another woman apparently. This has been happening for weeks now.

The first time it happened I was so disoriented I couldn’t even think straight. I had been asleep in my own bed in Michigan and when I woke up I was no longer a man and I was in Japan. That’s right I was a woman in Japan.

I freaked out like anyone would. How was that kind of thing even possible? I had to be dreaming but it seemed so real. I could feel every part of her body. I was shorter and thinner and could feel the breasts on my chest. I could feel my small, smooth hands and feet. I was lying under silk sheets. I jumped out of the bed and starting looking at my body and feeling it and just freaking out. I screamed and heard my new feminine voice. I said a few words and didn’t understand what I was saying. That’s when I looked in the mirror and saw my face. I beautiful Japanese woman looked back at me. I started running my fingers over that face and almost passed out.

Looking at my new body got me hot though and I soon discovered female urges are far stronger than male ones and I fell on the bed and started exploring myself for real. Rubbing and kneading my breasts, pinching the nipples. My hand moved down to my new slit and I rubbed the clitty and stuck and finger inside my cunt. I’m pretty sure that was my first female orgasm. My whole body shook and I couldn’t breath. It lasted, what felt like, forever. I was sweating and that’s when I came to the realization that this wasn’t my body and I just violated some strange woman in Japan.

I took a cold shower and tried to not touch myself in any kind of sensual way. I dried off and then went to her closet. It was full of dresses and skirts and blouses. I tried and dresser looking for jeans or at least pants but she didn’t own any apparently. She did have running shorts and t-shirts, they were pink but it would have to do. I spent the next few days inside.

When her work called I said I wasn’t feeling well. I hoped that’s what I said. I’d been watching TV non-stop and was starting to understand the language. After doing this for a couple days I didn’t know what I was going to do, she was going to lose her job possibly. I didn’t have to worry though because the next day I was some other woman.

I was still in Japan but this time I was married. I woke up lying next to her husband and had another mini freak out. Luckily I didn’t scream and just quickly got out of bed and got dressed before he woke up. I understood the language enough now that I could talk to him and he was nice and she stayed at home and didn’t work so that worked to my advantage. That night during for dinner we had Sake and I got drunk. I ended up giving him a blow job and having sex for the first time as a woman. It wasn’t what I expected. I came so hard and my body rocked from multiple orgasms. He blew his load on my chest and picked some up and sucked it off my fingers. It was really good. I woke up the next morning remembering what had happened but it didn’t make me feel weird it just made me feel good.

I’ve gone through a half dozen more leaps, that’s what I call it leaping. Like in that old TV show Quantum Leap. Unlike that show though I don’t seem to have to solve any kind of problem or anything. I’m just in a new body for a few days and then I’m someone else. Now I’m this woman.

She’s the first non-Japanese woman I’ve lept into. She’s young, blonde and from the look of this place rich. I look at her clothes and I don’t know much about women’s clothes, except what I had been wearing recently, but I know these shoes with the red bottoms cost like a thousand dollars a pair. Also this ring is a diamond and the rest of these clothes seem like they cost a lot of money. They feel really good so I’m thinking they are good quality.

I get up from the stairs and head upstairs and find a bathroom and look at my new face for the first time. Wow, she is gorgeous. Long blonde hair, piercing eyes and full lips. I’m skinny and have really long legs. All I’m wearing besides the shoes are stocking, panties and a bra. I start to look for a bedroom to get some more clothes when suddenly a man walks into the bathroom.

He’s mostly naked just wearing shorts and I can see his cock straining to get out. He comes up behind me pressing his body to mine. I feel his cock between my ass cheeks. I push back against him and he pulls my head back and kisses me. I’m lost in the moment. He starts kneading my breasts and I let out a little moan. His right hand moves down my stomach and slides past my panties into my slit and starts fingering me. I let him take me to my first orgasm of the day and then turn around and slide down his legs pulling his shorts down as I go. I take his big meaty cock in hand and start stroking it. When the pre-cum appears I lick it slowly off. He tastes wonderful. I slide him into my mouth and start licking all around the head and shaft. It doesn’t take him long and he’s pulling me up and entering my wet pussy from behind. He pounds me though many mind blowing orgasms and then pulls out and shoots on my back.

Before I can recover or say anything he just leaves. From the other door a naked woman enters and starts licking his cum from my back. I can’t process what’s going on. When he has it all in her mouth and turns me around and kisses me, sharing the salty nectar. We continue kissing and drop to the floor getting into a 69 position. She eating me out and do the same to her. I haven’t been with a woman since I started leaping but it seems this woman I’m in is bisexual because it feels completely right to be doing this. Several more orgasms and I’m completely spent. She leaves me panting on the floor and leaves as well with not a word.

I was very confused but feeling really great. I took a shower and finally found that bedroom. I got dressed in some new lingerie and a pretty dress. I put on another pair of those expensive heels and made my way downstairs. When I got there I was in for quite a shock. The woman I had just been with was dressed in a skimpy maid uniform and the man was my butler? My husband smiled at me and asked me if I felt well. I told him I did. He got up and kissed me and left. It took me some time to piece it together but I found out that I was this man’s trophy wife and I wasn’t satisfied with him, he was quite a bit older, so I’d started fucking the help. Besides the maid and butler I was also doing the pool boy, gardener and the a girl who bought my clothes. This would be quite an interesting leap for sure.


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