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New friend

Andrew was greeted by a stranger at his home. “I turned rather cute don’t you think?” the woman asked Andrew. “Wait? who are you?” he asked. “Don’t you recognize your best friend?” the woman said as she took off her blouse. “Tom?” Andrew asked her. She smiled, “not anymore”. Read more

Wind from the east

Tom was walking to work, when he felt someone touch his arm. He looked back, but no one was there. The sun blinded Tom, so naturally he covered his face. He felt his hair and jacket being blown by the wind. It was instantaneous, the wind took everything that made him Tom and blew it away. Leaving a girl in his place. When she removed her hand off her face, she realized she was now a woman. Read more

A great couple

I hated Tom for transforming me. I wanted to kick him in the nuts. I sure didn’t want to be a woman. But as I was about to, he said something that changed my mind. “But you are so beautiful, and I would surely like to date a girl as cute as you” he said. I stopped what I was doing, I tilted my head, I couldn’t believe he had just said that. “Aww… He’s so cute too” I thought. I wanted to kiss him, but I refrained by biting my lips. Read more

Genie Series #30. @tiffany23

“Hello Genie! My name is Trent and I’m getting bored as the CEO of my company. I wish that I could live a much simpler life with a more menial life” Genie smiled as she read Trents wish. “I know exactly what he needs. Wish granted” she said, and as faded away into pink holographic symbols. Read more

A Happy Twist – Part 3

(if the title didn’t clue you in, this is part 3 of an ongoing series. Click on my name to read the rest. Want more? Have any suggestions? Please comment!) Read more

Sent to a New School 2: Looking for Results

I was slated to leave for this new school only 2 days after my appointment with the doctor. Needless to say, it was emotional. It being a boarding school, I had to say goodbyes to all my friends and family with incredibly short notice. Worse yet, our term lasted into early august. I might be back for a week before everybody left for college. My band was bummed, but tried to make light of it. “Damn, we just lost our main attraction. We might need to hold auditions for a chick just to get somebody who can hit your notes, haha.” I winced. If I hadn’t caught this sooner, they wouldn’t have needed to bother. Read more

Video Log

“Video Log November 15th, 2016” I said outloud as I recorded today’s log. “Everyone is completely unaware”, I continued speaking, “it has been 20 days since my transformation, and no one seems to miss the old me. And they have accepted me as a their new friend Kim. Yesterday a couple of guys invited me drinks, and another one asked me out. I guess it was to be expected, after all I turned out quite cute. I wasn’t ready, so I rejected that guy’s invitation”. Read more

Babysitting turnabout

Jody was stunned and unable to speak. She was sitting on a sofa, in a weak 12 year old male body and couldn’t move a muscle, while watching her old body playing with her boobs.
Richy on the other hand was more than happy. After ripping of the top his babysitter had been wearing, he leaned forward and began to fondle the soft breasts with an mischievous smile on his now full lips, as he released his hands to let them dangling on his chest to taunt her. Read more