Karen, the Protected

(Part 12, #Olivia)

“Mother, where are we going?” I asked my mom. She was driving, like she always does. I had my passenger side mirror down, so I could look at myself. My make-up was flawless. I looked soooo sexy today.

I thought we would go to the mall, but mom passed it a while back.

“We are going to pay my old friend Bill a visit, dear. I’m afraid we have some grown-up stuff to talk about.”

I pouted. It sounded boring. I played at the hem of my dress in the car. I really just wanted to see the boys at the mall, and I wasted all that time getting pretty.

We pulled into a driveway of an old house. My mom went inside. I could hear them yelling already, I just stood outside and waited like a good girl. Like my mom would want me to.

Then, a man emerged. Bill… he was mad, and looking at me curiously. I bit my lip and sank into my seat a bit.

“What do you mean, you made her your daughter!? Jesus, Nancy, you can’t do that to her! I need her to help me get my book back!”

“I’ll do what I want, Bill! She’s mine and look at how lovely she is! You’re just jealous cause you can’t have your own little girl back.”

This went on a while, and they argued their way back into the house. It sounded like it was getting even worse, but then there was a small explosion. Then, silence.

I was concerned. What the heck was happening in there!?

A minute later, Bill came out. He looked upset.

“Where’s my mom?” I asked.

He came to me, and held out a small bar of food. “Eat this, girl. Eat it now.”

“Wh… where’s my mom!?” I cried out. “What did you do!?”

“Eat this or I’ll force it down your throat myself.”

I took the bar and ate it.

Then… my senses cleared. I felt… better. I remembered who I was… that I wasn’t really a pretty little girl… “What…”

“That woman was a witch, sweetheart. You’re lucky she’s the boastful type. You’re also lucky I’m on your side, more or less. You’re more useful to me as you normally are, and not as some primped up ditzy teenage girl.”

“What…” I said again. “She made me feel so…”

“Girly? Yeah. That’s what happens in this town full of spellcasters that don’t always know wrong from right. They’ll take advantage of you. It’s dangerous.” He reached into his pocket, and pulled out a necklace.

“Wear this necklace, and it should protect you from any further charms cast on you. Now get out here, and bring that book back to me.”

I nodded, took the necklace, then drove off. Driving back to the town, I shook my head. I was an idiot for trusting that woman, I could hardly believe she was able to make me so… girly. I eyed the necklace on the seat next to me, and wondered if that was really any better. Should I even wear it?

I decided to head for the school district. Gossip tends to gather around schools, and in a body like this I was sure to at least blend in a little bit. But where do I start?


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