Karen, the Professional

(Part 21, #Olivia)

As Olivia and I were walking back to my car, hand-in-hand, we passed through a long empty hallway. We were talking about whatever, when suddenly…

I was grabbed, roughly. Twisted around, and held with my arms pinned behind me. Olivia was tossed aside, and my mouth was covered with a strong hand. I tried to yell but couldn’t. I didn’t see who had me, but Olivia looked at me and my aggressor, worried. I felt a hard metal object pressed against my head.

“Remember me?” The voice said. I thought briefly, but then, I noticed the police uniform. The cop who raped me.

I went silent. Scared.

“Don’t yell. Tell your little gal pal to run away nicely now.”

Shit. He freed my mouth, and I calmly told Olivia to run and get help as best as I could, my voice quivering. She nodded and ran off. Fuck. When will I get a break!?

He turned me around to look at him. Brown hair, green eyes. Attractive as far as man go, but what a fucking scum of the earth monster he is. “I missed you, and I see that maybe you’re not into men after all.” He said to me, smiling. He looked at Olivia running into the distance, admiring her. “But I see you’ve got the same taste in women that I do.”

My mouth free, I did the first thing that came to mind. I tried the mind control spell that I had used on Olivia and Charlotte. The cop blinked and looked at me funny. It didn’t work.

“What was that about? You trying something funny, missy?” He angrily grabbed me again and started dragging me away. I kicked and resisted as best I could, but he wouldn’t let go. He threw me in his cop car, and before I knew it, knocked me unconscious with his baton.

. . .

I woke up, and could tell that it had been hours. The sun had long since set, and I was in a strange house. Worse yet, my necklace was missing. Crap.

The cop was there too, sitting at a table, looking over the book. I saw the necklace on the table next to him. I glared at him, holding my hurting head.

“Why did you take me here.” I asked, defeated. “Why can’t you just leave me alone.”

He didn’t look at me, and continued going over the book. “You know, this book is FASCINATING. Did you know there’s a spell in here that can make a girl orgasm uncontrollably? I can’t believe you just happened to have this in your purse!”

“Please just let me go.” I nearly begged.

“Before you and I get to have any fun? I don’t think so, girly.” He stood up and unbuckled his pants. “I want you to give me a blowjob first.”

I repulsed. “Gross. I’m not doing it. Besides, you already learned that I’m a lesbian.” I crossed my slender arms.

“Yeah, but you’re a woman. You *must* love sucking cock. Here, let me help you with that.” He reached for the book.

Panicking, I yelled. “No! I’ll… I’ll do it. Don’t use the book, I beg you.”

Intrigued, he smiled. “All right! Now it’s a party.” He dropped his trousers and leaned against the bed, beckoning me forward.

I got on my knees, and stared at his erect member. My brunette hair caressing my face, my somewhat freshly shaven legs, my tight outfit revealing my curves all reminding me of what I am in this moment. I’m the girl. I’m the sexy woman in the house of a man who wants me for my body. I’m the defenseless creature.

I leaned into it, grabbing it first lightly to brace myself for it. I didn’t want to accept that it was a penis my mouth would be wrapped around. That I’d have to pretend to enjoy it. That I’d have to make sure he DID enjoy it, lest I never get out of this predicament intact. Having never done this before, I was a bit worried and grossed out.

My mouth opened wide. It was warmer than I expected. It was also a little smelly, but I expected that. It didn’t take long before I had taken in his whole shaft. However, it was too much for me, as daring as I was. I gagged and pulled back, and with an audible pop I came off of his dick, shaking my head.

“Oh no you don’t. It’s clear that you’re a first timer, girl, but I’m not letting you off that easy. I’m gonna make you an expert.” He looked over the book next to him, and my eyes widened. No!


My mind went fuzzy for a moment after hearing these words. Like I had forgotten the last five minutes completely. I looked up and saw the cop I hated. What an asshole he is, bringing me here like this. I looked straight ahead and saw his dick. It was already wet, and my mouth tasted a little musty. I must have been sucking him off. Typical me.

“Well? You gonna continue?” He asked rudely.

I gave him a mean look, and figured I may as well get this over with. Besides, I can get any man off with my blowjobs. It’s not difficult.

I dived back in, wrapping my tongue around his shaft. Luckily he tasted great. I delicately worked up and down his hard member while he moaned and rubbed my hair. I paced myself perfectly; in and out, in and out, in and out. I moaned softly (men like it when I do that), and I could taste the precum building up.

I put more style into my little slutty performance and arched my back a bit, did some strategic biting of his head to arouse him, and masturbated his stem with my dainty manicured hand.

He twitched. Then he came in my mouth.

“Damn, girl, that was–”

“Amazing? Incredible? Best you’ve ever had?” I scoffed. “Of course it was.” I looked up at him and licked my lips after swallowing his cum down. It was a familiar taste, one that I have learned to enjoy over the years.

“I’m a professional. Now, can I have my book back?”


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