Just Like You Always Wanted.

“Oh honey, isn’t this what you wanted?” My wife capped her lips over my enlarged areola, teething my nipple and lettin go as she and I watched my newly swollen chest jiggle onto itself , “I thought you said you were transgender, wanted to become a woman, and we could become lesbians afterwards?”

Don’t get me wrong, I really did think I was transgender since I was young. Always secretly identifying with the female sex, wishing I could be a girl, while acting the veneer of a masculine man. I drank with the guys, put up that tough facade, dated, got a wife. But now as my wife sucked on my tit, I was beginning to sincerely doubt my previous characterization of myself. Wanting to be a woman is very different than actually being a woman, but never would I imagine my wife knew some magic (or for that matter that magic existed). Yes finally having breasts felt unique, but the idea of living and presenting with them for the rest of my life seemed daunting. Maybe in private I liked dressing in a dress or two, but my heart sunk with the realization that I would be expected to dress feminine till the end of my days. Oh god, I was 5’7 and 135 pounds now. I felt a newfound appreciation and longing for my previous male height and bulk. I had to say something.

“Honey?” My raised voice only emphasized the incongruity of my new body and my mind. My voice strained afraid of the answer, “Do you think you can change me back?”

She hesitantly got up off her knees and looked me straight in the eyes. We were the same height now after all, “You knew before I said the spell that the magic would permanently strip you of your maleness,” She solemnly said, “You know I specifically made this spell to change reality so we were Wife & Wife. I don’t know what you want me to say…”

“I don’t know what you want me to say either! I just want you to make me feel right!” I burst out in a full stream of tears, damn you female emotion depth. I just wanted to feel right, ever since the day I realized I was transgender; yet here I am actually female feeling dysphoria.

She pensively stared into my eyes, and kissed my lips; our hairless cheeks touching each other. “I know another spell, but things will never be the same dear…”

“I don’t care, just do it,” I cried. Sullenly, she intently nodded, like she knew she had to do this. She muttered a few words under her breath, and crossed her arms over her heart.

Suddenly my tears stopped, my gloom lifted, I felt well… Right. The breasts on my chest, the absence of anything between my legs, the long hair cascading behind my back, the concept of living as a woman felt normal. Whatever feeling like a woman felt like, that I knew now. I outstretched my arms and pulled my wife close to me. Our breasts pushed up against each other. “Oh honey, I don’t know what you did but I feel so content right now!”

Her eyes connected with mine, and then I understood. She wasn’t my wife anymore. The lack of wedding bands on our fingers hinted at that. She couldn’t be my wife anymore I grasped, the feeling in my heart said so. For all I felt was platonic love towards her. “You can feel it, can’t you?” I nodded silently, “I changed our reality and your soul. You are a straight blooded woman both inside and out. Just like you always wanted.”

Epilogue: In losing my wife, I gained a roommate, confidante and best friend. Life as the female version of me wasn’t always perfect, like realizing my family and friends lost their memories of the male me. But, I no longer had this feeling that something was off, that dysphoria. This was my life now, that of a young woman, a daughter, my handsome boyfriend’s girlfriend.


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