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Phone app

“What else should I change?” I asked myself while browsing through the app options. I had already altered my body completely. The first thing I had tried was growing breasts. I changed my eye and hair color, my body shape, my gender, my face, everything. Read more

Just Like You Always Wanted.

“Oh honey, isn’t this what you wanted?” My wife capped her lips over my enlarged areola, teething my nipple and lettin go as she and I watched my newly swollen chest jiggle onto itself , “I thought you said you were transgender, wanted to become a woman, and we could become lesbians afterwards?” Read more

Breathing in the Newfound View

The chilly dawn air streamed into the back of the VW van, and I reflectively burrowed my bare chest in the comforter. I didn’t mind though. In front of me lay perhaps one of the most entrancing views of creation, Bridal Veil Falls in Yosemite Valley. ‘To think I could be in some war zone not knowing if today would be my last,’ I reflected, ‘Yet here I am road tripping across the country; discovering me, discovering the love of my life.’ Read more

Transfered from the stone

I can’t believe I just run into Amy after all this time. She seems so used to her role. It wasn’t always like that, in fact Amy wasn’t a girl two years ago. To explain how it happened, I have to first explain how I got my abilities. Read more

Meeting Our Needs Swinging

“Mmmmm,” We both passionately moaned. I tasted my wife, my love, my soulmate on my lips as her soft thighs gripped me. I remember when I relied on my torso and arm strength alone as I would make love to her standing up. No more, my days of hunk status muscle strength are long gone. Instead I am left to prop her frame over my protruding hips, not that I have the same equipment to make love with as we once did. Read more

The Choice, Part 4

I shook my head violently. “No way! Those options are awful! You’re trying to manipulate me, turning me into a full woman, aren’t you?” I glared daggers at Jack, who had locked himself in this nightclub bathroom with me. Read more

In Plain Sight

I pulled my hair back into a ponytail as I stared at my former body entertaining the other party guests. Geez, was he working out that much? Never in my wildest dreams did I think Sofia could thrive in my body like she had, but that she did. Read more

All Deals Come With Unintended Consequences

She gets college credit, I get a bump into upper management. My firm required “Diversity Certification” to make Partner; a new credential that says one lived as an ‘underrepresented’ group for 12 months. Being your average white male, the only way for me to get that little piece of paper would be to switch lives with someone else. Initially quite hesitant, my wife soon threw away her reluctance after she saw the salary of Partner at my firm. Read more

Turn you Straight 2

“Oh, she should do nicely!” I thought, as I left the girl I’d just possessed in the woods just off the path and wandered into the group passing along the walk. I jumped into the younger looking one of the 5, and told them I’d forgotten something at the dorm.
As I began to walk back towards the dorms and Jess, I contemplated how best to go after her/his orientation change. I had to force her body to respond to mine. Did that mean I needed to be more aggressive? Read more