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Just Like You Always Wanted.

“Oh honey, isn’t this what you wanted?” My wife capped her lips over my enlarged areola, teething my nipple and lettin go as she and I watched my newly swollen chest jiggle onto itself , “I thought you said you were transgender, wanted to become a woman, and we could become lesbians afterwards?” Read more

Dominate Husband to Submissive Wife

Hank was using his big strong male body to dominate his new wife Trisha. She gazed upon him in upset as he once again forced himself on her, forcing her to suck his huge penis! But oh, how soon the wind can change, and change it did! Read more

Wishing the Genie Free

Ted wished the genie free from her bottle so he could have her, and she granted the wish. However, her soul was stuck to the bottle, so only her body could be freed. Her solutions was to swap their bodies, allowing her soul to remain with the bottle with Ted’s body. She would now just be a male genie, and Ted would now just be a female! Read more


I don’t believe I’m about to do this. I can feel her hand on my head, softly, but at the same time commanding. I feel the carpet texture on my knees making my position crystal clear. Read more

Not quite what you’re thinking

You may think that’s me, the blonde, and if you’ve ever read these kind of stories you would think this is punishment for cheating or something but things aren’t always what they seem. You see I’m actually the brunette and the blonde is my girlfriend. I should mention that I used to be a man but you probably knew that too. We were just friends before. I had thoughts of us being more but she was a lesbian so I played the dutiful male friend. I envied the women who got to sleep with her. I would’ve done anything to be a woman and be with her. My options were limited of course. Basically there was only one way, sex reassignment surgery. I wasn’t transgender though. I was in the right body for me just not for us. Read more

I understand

I never really understood how John could be with this girl. She was way too good for him, he was such a loser…
Sure, he was a nice friend, but I couldn’t help but feel a little jealous. I was smart, rich, had a great job, and was far from being ugly, but still, the girls would prefer him. Jobless, a little dumb, but he knew how to talk to them, how to seduce them… Maybe that was it, his confidence.
So one night, I wished I could understand why the girls liked him so much.
And the next day, I woke up in the same bed as him. Read more