Ryana, the New Girl #1

It was a very slow experience of waking up, almost like I had a terrible hangover but without the massive headache to go with it. My world was black, felt impossible to just open my eyes. What even happened last night? Afternoon? I don’t really even recall. I try to steady my breath, which immediately feels weighted down, my head seems to be getting sensations back, well except that they’re just plain wrong sensations.

It gets a bit easier to breathe as I mentally begin to compensate for the weight on my torso pushing my lungs down some. Around my chest I get a tingling that something is stretching around it, then pressing down with it as well. My eyelids weigh a thousand pounds, I try to tilt my neck up but it just lightly falls to what I assume is a pillow. It’s soft, smooth, and rather comfortable.

“Oh good, you’re waking up.” A woman’s voice says near me. Cute and bubbly would be the best way to describe it. It almost felt she was trying too hard to sound like that, and yet…I somehow remember that voice. That’s it, I’ve heard her before! It was…. I think it’s coming back to me…

It was early evening last night…was it last night at this point? Either way, I was on a walk. My day job in front of a computer editing leaves me sitting all day long, so I’ve finally gotten the nerve to at least exercise even a little when I can. I was crossing under a bridge when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I remembered it was strange, no one was behind me last I checked and surely I would have heard someone. I turned and there was this girl. I remember being startled, she was very well…anyone’s type. She looked barely into her twenties, long blonde hair and, well, a slamming body. She started the conversation and somehow, someway I managed to get her home with me. And then….and then…what exactly?

Finally my eyes opened after a deep breath.


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