The Coach’s Celebration

I worked really really hard to get the best out of the college basketball team that I was coaching.

The night before the championship game, I realized that we were just not quite good enough. I knew it would break those young men’s hearts to lose, but it seemed like a foregone conclusion. I thought long and hard about what to do. I realized that I had to make a sacrifice.

I know that there were black market transforma packages out there. I took a lot of money out of my account, bought the young blonde package, took the pills and prepared for the game. It was a long night as my body went through the wrenching changes. I was very sad when my penis shriveled and went away, replaced by a perfect pussy.

The next day I walked into the locker room as Samantha. I was wearing the jersey of the other team which stretched down to my knees, leaving something for the imagination.

I assembled the starting five and said, “I can’t do any more for you as coach Johnson. But if you go out there and win the game we will have an amazing locker room celebration afterwards. The guy who scores the most points can claim my jersey, and I will personally congratulate each of you.”

They blew the other team away. They came into the locker room with that look in their eye. Their cocks were long and hard, and they had thought about what to do. Phil got the jersey off me and they put me down on my back and he got inside. They gathered around. I was about to tell Luke that he had done a good job, but he put his cock in my mouth then so it came out sort of muffled. I am sure he could tell that I was giving him my heartfelt congratulations. And Ned could tell that I would be congratulating him next.


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