Don’t look at me

“Just go away. I don’t want you to see me like this” Andy whined in his new female body. His friend Kevin couldn’t stop staring at him. “So… Is that really you in there? In Mrs. Jackson’s body?”. Andy took a deep breath, feeling the heavy breasts attached to his chest. Somethig he couldn’t let his eyes off before he switched bodies with his math teacher, Mrs. Abigail Jackson. “Yeah, some cursed necklace caused us to swap bodies. What is even worse Mrs. Jackson is having a great time being a teenager again while i’m stuck here as an adult and a woman! And if we’re stuck like this forever i can’t hang out with you anymore” Andy let out a sight. “Why dude? What’s the problem?” Kevin asked. “Because i’m a grown up woman and your teacher. Not to mention i’m married now. If people would see us together they will start to spread rumors that could make my situation even worse” Andy cried. “I see” Kevin whispered, knowing that he just lost his friend. “Please leave before my husband comes back” Andy had a hard time saying this words. Kevin understood it very well and left without saying a word. Andy looked down at his body and grasped his breasts. “It will take some time before i get used to these”


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