One night, me and my best friend James were playing videogames, when I asked him a favor “Dude, I need your help. You owe me big time, and what I am about to ask is not an easy task”. He looked at me, while drinking the last of his beers, “sure dude, ask away” he said. “Well, my parents said that they will take me out of the will if I don’t get my life together” I told him. “you need some money or something? I wish I could lend you some, but…” he said. “No dude, thanks, but I wish it was as easy as money. They told me that a quick way to know I was more mature, would be if I had a girlfriend, and we were engaged. So, can you help me?” I asked him. “Sure, dude, anything”. I was so glad he had agreed.

I got an old book of spells I had bought a long time ago, and started reading from it. In no time I saw James transform from an average looking guy to a hot blonde woman. His hair grew a few inches, I could see his new breasts expanding. All his clothes looked too big for him. As I finished the spell, he looked a little bit confused. He looked at his body, touched his new curves with his now slender hands. “Dude, I thought you were going to ask my sister out or something. She had always had a crush on you” he said, and god, I don’t know why I didn’t thought of that before, but the spell was irreversible, and the changes were still going.

“Dude! please turn me back! I am Amy, I am a woman! now turn me back” she said, without realizing his thoughts were getting all messed up. She kept looking at my eyes. “You just called yourself Amy” I said. “I did? well, I guess it is because I am Amy. Wow, I feel hot. And you, you are looking different to me. You look rather handsome. I can now see why my sis had a crush on you” she said. I could see lust in her eyes. “Now come here, and start licking these” she said while ripping her shirt off. “Make a woman out of me! prove you love me! and that you will do anything to marry me” she continued. I walked towards her, and after licking her breasts, she gave me a blowjob, the best I’ve ever had.

The next day my parents came to visit, I introduced Amy as my fiance. My parents looked more than pleased, she was completely a lady. Althoughduring sex, she was kind of an animal.


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