Security system

Two weeks ago, someone broke into my house, and stole most of my stuff. So, after a friend gave me some advice, I installed a new security system. “It is the best one” he said. I didn’t understand exactly how it worked. But he said something about reforming the robber.

Two weeks later, another robber broke in. I heard him break window. “This security system is shit” I thought. But then, I heard the robber scream. He’s voice went from low pitch to high pitch in one second. I walked out of my room, and looked at the living room, a lady, taking off her clothes was there. “Great, I got robbed by a woman!” I said outloud. The girl noticed me, and just walked towards me and started kissing me. She threw me to my own bed, and pulled down my pants. She started giving me the best blowjob ever. Then the police showed up and arrested her. I felt bad for the poor woman. “I won’t press any charges” I told the cops. They just left, and I allowed the girl to go on with what she was doing. Her hands were all over my thing, afterwards she jumped over me, and placed my pennis inside of her. It felt like it was her first time.

“I owe you my freedom” she said after sex, “I feel reformed. I will do anything you want”. She told me she didn’t have a home, I allowed her to stay with me, we started dating, and I married the girl a few months later. To tell you the truth, I don’t know what happened, but the day I installed this security system my life changed for the better.


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