I need your body

It started with this picture and it ends with this picture. This woman Sammy in this image that I got from her webpage has been the object of my fantasies for ages, ever since college days.

But of course now I can have my fantasy, I can become this very woman, or at least a fantastic copy of her. Its all because of this spell I’ve found which I’ve just cast a couple of minutes ago.

This spell just needs me to be beat my meat as it were whilst desiring each piece of her that I wish to copy.

I look at the picture intently as my rod gets stiff in my hand and I start jerking.

“Mmmm Sammy, you’re so beautiful but I don’t want you, I’m going to be you.” I speak aloud

“First I’m going to have your hair and your face. I want your long luscious hair, I want your soft skin, your perfect teeth and full feminine lips. I want to be able to look in the mirror and see your gorgeous face staring back at me”

I feel a tingle in my face and an itch on my scalp…… Yes its happening, this spell is actually working!!

“Next lets make my body hair go away shall we? You’re not hairy now are you Sammy? No you’ve got lovely soft skin with hardly any, so much softer than mine. I want your soft and silky skin now, I want to feel how lovely and sensitive it must be, mmmm Sammy I want your feminine flesh mmm”

I continued to beat off my cock, feeling a pulsing sensati0n across my body as I did. After a few moments I could feel the room that little bit more, everything was that little bit more sensitive.

“Wow Sammy, this feels great! Next I want your hips and your butt! You’ve got nice sexy hips and a good rounded bum. Mmm I always loved watching you wiggle as you walked but that’s not enough. I want it. I desire it. I’ve got to have them, I need to feel my hips wiggle as I walk just like you. I need to feel my butt wobble gently too”

My cock throbbed with desire, I felt my bum get a little heavier and my stance was forcibly changed as my hips grew out.

“Oh yesssss this feels good! Now I want to have your sexy legs and arms, I want to have lovely slender arms like you, I want to be able to have lovely soft sexy legs like yours. I need them both. And with them I have to have your feminine hands and feet too”

My stance changed slightly again as my legs changed, shrinking me down a few inches. My arms tingled and I felt my hands and feet crack as they altered shape. I could feel the touch on my pole as I continued to stroke it become softer.

“Mmmmmmm Sammys hands are stroking my cock! But I want more…….” I exclaimed

“Now with this body I’m getting, I can’t very well have this manly voice now can I? So come on Sammy, I want your voice now. I want to sound just like you. I want to be able to laugh and giggle like you in your feminine tones”

“I need………. ooh…..your…………eurgh…….voice” I heard my voice change pitch as I spluttered the words “So close now……..nearly there….ooooooh there we go!”

“Oh yes!!!! I sound like her now……. Now we come to what I’ve been looking forward to, I want your tits Sammy. Your big beautiful breasts! I need them, I want to feel them from the inside! I want to feel how they are to bounce and jiggle around. I want to be able to wear a bra and feel it be filled completely with YOUR titflesh. Oooh and your nipples! I want to feel your nipples, I want to feel how they are to get hard with desire and arousal. I desperately NEED to have your boobs, I want them hanging down from my feminine chest!”

Words came tumbling from my mouth, I was rambling but I was so hot with arousal and need. And then I felt a knowing tingle.

My nipples firstly became very sensitive and I realised that they were getting hard. I could feel the hardness moving away from me as flesh began to fill in behind them. My chest felt heavier and looser. As I continued to wank my cock, I could feel my chest shake and jiggle in motion. My goodness!!! The feminine arm stroking my last piece of maleness started knocking into my chest as it went.

I shouted in triumph ” I have her tits!! I have her tits!!! I’ve got her boobs now finally!!!! YESSS”

“Well, last thing now! Looking like you Sammy, it’s got to go hasn’t it? You don’t have a penis do you? You don’t have a cock and balls hanging out of your bikini you’re wearing in this picture do you? No certainly not. So I’ve got to have your pussy. I want it, I want to feel your vagina. I need to have your vagina and your ovaries and your womb. I need to feel what is like to feel real female hormones coursing through my body. I need to have your hormones Sammy and be able to have a period like you!! I desperately want to feel what its like to have get wet down below in arousal, I need to be able to be fucked just like you, to be able to have your sensational female orgasms!! So come on now, give me your pussy Sammy, give me your vagina, give me your lips, give me it all and MAKE ME COMPLETE!!!!”

I cried out as my cock pulsed and pulsed and shot a stream of cum several feet clear of me.

“YESSSSSSS!! My god YESS! I’m going to get it Sammy, I’m going to finally have your vagina, I’m going to be a WOMAN!!!”

My whole body shook as a huge stream of cum erupted out. It looked like I was urinating the stuff! After several seconds the stream stopped. I felt a strange cramping sensation in my balls and then two sudden sharp jolts. I looked down and saw my balls disappear and my cock shrink down. Slowly my cock shrank in length of girth and likewise disappeared from view. I could almost feel it going up inside me and leaving a gap behind as my vagina came in.

After a few moments, I collapsed down in exhaustion. It was over. I done it, I got my desire. I’m her now, through and through.


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