The Dare

I was out at the bar with my friend Tim. We go out often to pick up girls but never succeed. This is partly because we are both shy and are terrible at approaching girls, but we keep trying. I was sick and tired of never taking that chance and going up and talking to girls and I told Tim that tonight I was going to make something happen. There was this super hot girl at the bar ordering a drink. She appeared to be alone and I turned to Tim and said when I point to you, just wave.

I went up to the girl and said that my friend by the wall dared me to ask you to slap me hard enough to leave a handprint and then kiss the spot and leave a lipstick mark. He said if you do, he would buy us both shots. I turned and pointed to Tim so she could see who I was talking about and he waved. He of course had no idea what I was doing but then again, he didn’t need to as I would pay for the shots myself saying he gave me the money in advance. Without another word, as soon as I turned back to face her, she gave me a real good slap followed by a long kiss on the cheek. At first the bouncer started to approach us but when he saw the kiss, he went back to the door. I let her pick out the shots and she ordered Jameson! A whiskey girl! OMG I think I’m already falling for her.

I asked her if she liked dares and she said that they are childish. I then said what if the completion of a dare grants you a wish? She said well, I guess I’m still young and winked at me. I then said to her, I’m pretty sure that when you get ready to go out on the town that you spend some time picking out the perfect pair of panties to wear in case you go home with a guy and that more times than not, you end up home alone and nobody got to see you in the underwear you took so long to pick out. She said you are correct. I then dare you to take a picture of yourself in your underwear and then come back and show me. Go into the bathroom to take the pic and after the picture I also dare you to take your panties off and discreetly hand them to me when you come back to show me the picture. I want the panties as a memoir of tonight I explain. She asks me what she can wish for and I say I will grant anything within my power and limited to $100. For example, you can wish for me to pick up your bar tab, for me to be your designated driver so you can get wild tonight, for me to wash your car, for me to do your laundry, for me to clean your place. You can wish for anything and I will try to grant it. She says “dare accepted” and quickly runs off.

When she comes back, she slips her panties into my hand and without looking, I put them in my pocket. I do notice that they are warm and damp. She then shows me the picture and I say wow you are gorgeous. I really like what you chose to wear. I know it’s not part of the dare but would you be willing to text me the picture? She smiles and says she would be happy to. She puts her name and number into my phone and sends me the picture. I also replied so she had my #. I noticed her name was Bethany. She said she still didn’t know what to wish for but liked my idea of cleaning her apartment but added in my underwear. I said “wish granted”.

When she was in the bathroom I told my friend Tim thanks and said I’m not sure if I’ll be hanging with you the rest of the night. He was like wow, I can’t believe you talked to her. He said congrats and that he would leave if her and I got drinks. Well, after I said wish granted she asked me if I wanted to get us drinks. She was also a beer girl we got Corona’s.

Bethany then says to me “Danny, I dare you to now go into the restroom and take a picture of yourself in your underwear. Then take your underwear off, put mine on, and then when you come back here, hand me your underwear and then show me you have mine on by letting me pull your jeans down just far enough on the side to see my underwear. Of course I will grant you a wish too but you cannot wish to undo my wish.” I quickly said dare accepted.

I next went to the bathroom to fulfill the dare. After I took my picture and texted her, I took her panties out of my pocket but before slipping them on, I held the wet spot that was directly over her pussy to my nose. She smelled amazing, you could say she smelled as good as she looked. It was such a turn on that she was wet because of me. I slipped her panties on and could actually feel the wet spot on my balls. When I went back out to give her my underwear, I told her I was turned on that her panties were wet and that my cock was sticking out the top of her panties. She looked at me and said “I was so embarrassed for you to know I was so turned on that my pussy actually had made my panties wet. Thank you for making me feel better about it. What is your wish?”

I wish to spend the entire week by your side. I’ve never lived with a girl or girlfriend and I’m curious how the other half lives. We would do everything together and even sleep in the same bed. The only times I wouldn’t be with you is when we are at our jobs, when we are going to the bathroom or showering, basically whenever we are naked. So you don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not suggesting we have sex by sharing a bed, I just want to be by your side at all times. If however we do have sex, then we also shower together and go to the bathroom together. She says “wish granted, when do you want to start?” I say no better time than tonight. We can go to my house tomorrow and I can pack a suitcase. Bethany said well I want to dance with my friends so according to your wish, you have to dance with me :). We dance for about 30 mins and then we say goodbye to her friends. Apparently she told them she found a guy to see her underwear that night and they were happy for her.

We arrived at her place about midnight and were both drunk and exhausted. We decided to go right to bed. I was going to give her privacy to change and climb into bed and she said no need, I’ll sleep in our underwear. I asked her for my underwear to sleep in and she said NO WAY, I like the way you look in mine. Once we climbed into bed, she turned facing me and kissed me goodnight, but her kiss lasted longer than a simple good night kiss. We made out for awhile and then she went to touch my cock. I stopped her and said I wanted to have sex with her very badly but we were both drunk and I wanted to show her I meant what I said about me sharing her bed. I didn’t want sex to get in the way of learning about the other half, at least the first few days, and I said that if she still wants to have sex with me by Wed night, that we would make that our first time. She kissed me and said as you wish. But on Wed I am going to fuck you and you will really see how I live.

We woke up the next morning, she showered and asked me to make coffee and eggs. After breakfast, she told me to shower as I stunk. I asked her what I would wear for clean underwear and she said that I could wear another pair of hers. After all, you want to know how the other half lives, plus I like they way you look in them. I did as she said and then cleaned her apartment in her underwear. That evening she packed an overnight bag and we went to my place so I could pack a suitcase. That was Sunday night, we slept in my bed and the following morning I laid out my work clothes while she showered. When I showered, she got dressed for work and then put a pair of her panties with my clothes. When I went to get dressed, she said she found me sexy in her panties and that for the remainder of the week I’d be wearing hers.

We both went to our jobs and after work, we met at her apt. I noticed some strange changes going on with me that day, I swear my voice was cracking like when I went through puberty and that I felt shorter. My muscles looked less defined and in general the skin looked softer with a thin layer of fatty tissue underneath. Her underwear seemed to fit me better too. That night at her place, I lived her life as if I wasn’t there, meaning I did everything she did on a normal basis. We ate what she normally eats, watched what she normally watches, and I watched her remove her makeup. She took her bra off in front of me and put on a PJ sleep tee. We kissed goodnight and she said she couldn’t wait until Wed.

Tuesday and Wednesday were about the same as Mon however, my voice was cracking up all the time, I noticed less hair on my body and the hair on my head was growing very fast. My nipples got larger and I thought I noticed cleavage beginning to form. I work in the computer department and told my boss I must be coming down with something and I should work from home the rest of the week.

Wed night was amazing. Bethany fucked me like I had never been fucked before. Her pussy felt so great around my cock. She was moaning out of control and had orgasm after orgasm. I filled her pussy up with my cum, not just once but 3 times in 3 different positions. That was an amazing night of sex. As promised, the next day we showered together and went to the bathroom together. What was odd though was I noticed she never took any birth control that day. As we were having sex Thurs night, she said I want to feel your cum inside me again, fill me up, cum in me. I stopped but remained in her pussy. I looked at her and said I was worried about getting her pregnant, I didn’t see you take any birth control today. She said she had the implant type and didn’t need a daily pill. Having great control over when I came, without moving inside her pussy, I released my load while looking into her eyes. She came as well when she felt me fill her up without moving.

I woke up the next morning and felt like I was changing. I definitely had boobs growing and my dick and balls were smaller. My voice was sounding more and more girly and Bethany’s underwear was fitting me better. I even started enjoying the things she enjoyed. This was Friday and Bethany noticed the changes as well. She said to me “I can’t believe the rumors are true!” Apparently, if a guy wears women’s underwear and spends more than 12 hours a day with a girl every day for an entire week, they will turn into a girl. She tells me it’s not permanent unless you orgasm as a woman.

She left for work and I stayed at her place doing work trying to get my mind off things. I e-mailed work and said I definitely came down with something and I needed next week working from home as well. Since I was getting the job done, they had no problems. That night when Bethany got home, we stayed home because I was part man and woman. I looked too odd to go out. We sat and talked for hours. I learned everything about her life and she learned about mine as well. We climbed into bed and had sex. I still had a dick but it wasn’t that big. She played with my tits as she rode me. What was weird was when I came, I pumped more jiz into her than ever before. She was dripping my cum for like a half hour.

When I woke up on Saturday, I was completely changed into a girl. Bethany and I were the exact same size in every way however our faces were different, I had the female face of my DNA. It’s odd that I thought just like a girl too. While I still knew who I was, I now liked all the kinds of things girls like. We spent Saturday playing dress up. Since my body matched Bethany’s, I was able to try on everything of hers. That night we spent time picking out panties as if guys would see them and got dressed up to go out clubbing.

We danced the night away and lots of guys bought us shots. Oddly enough, we weren’t lucky enough to show them the underwear we picked out. I thought girls had it easy but I guess not. We were both drunk and took a taxi back to her apartment. We got into bed and started making out. I was now making a wet spot in my panties! We both got naked and she started fingering me. It felt great. We played with each other for about an hour and then she asked me if I want to know how a vibrator felt. I said yes but don’t do it for too long because I don’t want to orgasm. Well, we got into a 69 position and we each had vibrators we used on each other. My body was out of control, the sensation was out of this world. I didn’t want the feeling to stop. I was moaning in rhythm with her and begging her not to stop, that it felt so good. We were both super drunk and not thinking clearly, she didn’t stop and we both orgasmed at the same time. We fell asleep kissing.

When we woke up on Sunday, we looked at each other and asked each other what happened last night. Neither one of us remembered leaving the bar. We pulled back the sheets and noticed two stained spots about 3 feet apart with her vibrators on the mattress as well. We realized we must’ve made each other orgasm and she said well I guess you’ll find out how the other half lives permanently now. I admitted the last week had been amazing and if she would be my girlfriend (lover) that I was fine with my new self. She smiled and said I LOVE you. Now that we are sober, let me show you what it feels like to have an orgasm.

Later that day we went out shopping to buy me some clothes. She wanted to stop at the drugstore to pick up a pregnancy test and I just looked at her like what?!? She said she lied to me and wanted a baby with me and was afraid I’d leave her after the week was over and our relationship would’ve been over. After all that had happened, with me now forever being a girl, I kissed her and told her I hoped she was pregnant too. After we got back to her place, we went into the bathroom and she took the test. While we were waiting for the results, we looked at our text messages from the night we met. The picture you see here is what she wore that night. God she is beautiful and I do not regret the dare at all. By the way, we just got the test results and we are having a baby. We will be together forever. <3


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