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We came to the ancient temple out of desperation. Rin had lost a leg during our last expedition, and so I had to do most of the heavy lifting. By the time we got to the temple’s remains we were both exhausted and desperate. If it couldn’t heal us we wouldn’t be making it home. Read more

The Fate of Ser Ferentus the Fierce

Long ago, in some far away medieval land, Ser Ferentus the Fierce was a violent knight of the realm, who had conquered much of the land for the King, and enslaved many an enemy soldier or peasant and damned them to a life of slavery and serfdom. The enemy forces were at a loss for what to do. They couldn’t oppose the barbaric knight; for he was like an army by himself. Nor could they compromise with the warrior, for he was a devout loyalist for the king. At a loss for options, they consulted the great sorcerer Derius, to take down this monstrous knight.
Derius spent weeks learning about Ser Ferentus, and discovered that the knight had a fat al weakness: women. The man frequented many whorehouses, spending many hours of the day with the most beautiful of courtesans, and Derius decided that this would be how he destroy Ser Ferentus the Fierce.
Derius disguised himself as a woman, and when Ferentus next visited the whorehouse after a great and savage battle, he instantly fell in love with the transformed Derius. Derius had become everything he ever desired in a woman; a beautiful slutty redhead who could make men erect with a mere glance. Ferentus knew he must have her, and ‘seduced’ the arcane sorcerer that night, wooing Derius until he could have sex with the lustrous maiden.
After they had done the act, Ferentus stood up, and began donning his armour once more, while Derius stood up, smiling, and kissed the knights chest. However, that kiss was not as innocent as iyt seemed. In a mere instant, everything changed. Derius became male, wearing the garb of a military commander, replacing the position that Ferentus had once had. While Ferentus became a nlithe and beautiful maiden, one that would only crave one thing- a man’s big, bulging cock! As Derius drew his head away from her teats, smiling, Ferentus’ mouth opened in a wide ‘O’ shape, utterly shocked, and as if by instinct, covered her breasts.
“What hast thou done to me, knave!” The once masculine knight cried, covering her new breasts, “I be a strumpet!”
“Yes. Thou art a strumpet; the one that thou lust desired!” The sorcerer chuckled, leaving the sobbing warrior to his fate.
Over the next few months, the Resistance took many a stronghold from the King, his knights and forces no longer as effective as before, especially with Derius in command. While the maiden that was once Ser Ferentus the Fierce accepted her new role, growing to love the feelings of womanhood, and the maiden was just as ferious with the men she would have once called the enemy as the warrior would have been on the battlefield…

Wonderland in Alice

Alice stepped out from behind a tree, and saw the March Hare, the Hatter and a very sleepy dormouse sitting at a long table, set for a large amount of people, having tea. She approached cautiously she had already met a disappearing Cat and a smoking caterpillar, the scene already looked strange but from what she had learned of this world things could always get stranger. The hatter spotted her, a broad grin appearing on his face “sit, sit, we’ve heard so much about you and been waiting so long”. Alice looked about, the table cloth had clearly seen better days and on the forest floor there was a great deal of broken chinaware. She sat in the chair with the least amount of food stains, the Hatter threw a piece of bread at the March Hare “well go on, serve our guest”. The March Hare jumped into action, he chucked the tea out of the teapot and quickly went about making a fresh batch. Read more

A New Sort of Labour

How could I refuse the offer? An elvish lord traveling through our town, offering a simple labourer like myself a place in his retinue, it was the stuff of dreams. He warned me that it would be different, “My boy, you understand I do not need the sort of labour you are accustomed to, yes?” He asked many questions like this, and said many other things like that, but all I could hear was getting to do one better than the adventurers that would occasionally sweep through the village. Read more

Genie Series 29. @MandiCandy

“Hello Genie! Thank you for doing this! My name is Matt, and I wish that you will make my deepest fantasy a reality” Genie read. “Oh Matt, how I wish I could do so, but I can’t know your fantasy if you don’t spell it out. So I will do the next best thing. Wish granted” Genie said as she disappeared into a cloud of pink dust. Read more

Big Green Monster

My girlfriend and I had decided to use the magic remote to enter the Avengers movie. Hers and my biggest celebrity crushes were Robert Downey Jr an Scarlett Johanson respectively, so Avengers seemed like the natural choice. The plan was to jump into the movie towards the end after the world was saved and have a wild night of sex in Stark Tower. Read more

Genie Series #26. @oRISKoL1VESo

Sometimes Genie wondered why people would think she could read minds. “Hello genie, my name is Cable I wish to become the girl of my fantasies” Genie read outloud. “Well, I don’t know what your fantasy is, but I can guess… Wish Granted” she said and turned into dust. Read more

Darkest fantasy

“I wish to find know what my girlfriend, Emily, darkest fantasy is” Tom wished while holding the magic coin. He thought he would magically learn what it was, so he could surprise her. But instead, everything around him started changing. He found himself in a dinning room. He could see his girlfriend topless infront of him. “Alright” he said, and his girlfriend said the same thing. He hadn’t realized just yet he was looking in a mirror. “Wait did you lose weight?” he asked, but when he saw Emily’s lips move too, he finally realized he was Emily. Read more

How the Story Goes

Ed—well Eddard now—and I didn’t have anyone to run a game for us, so we figured we would use one of those GM-less games to get our D&D fix in. He wanted to play his veteran of a grim war fighter character yet again, and I was just feeling the itch so I let a bunch of random rolls hand me a beautiful, young sorceress-queen to play. Read more

I need your body

It started with this picture and it ends with this picture. This woman Sammy in this image that I got from her webpage has been the object of my fantasies for ages, ever since college days. Read more