I married a shapeshifter

I have been married to Kim for 3 years now. After one year of marriage, she told me she had a little secret to tell me. “I am a body shifter” she said. I didn’t even know what that meant, but she explained by morphing her body into a copy of my favorite actress. I was speechless. “I can transform into anyone” she said while then transforming into a copy of myself, “And by anyone I mean anyone”. She then transformed back into her again.

I didn’t know if I should be aroused or scared. “You are the first person I told about it. What do you think?” she said while expanding her breasts, and putting my face between them. As anyone would expect, we had sex. It was insane, she kept morphing her body from woman to woman, each one hotter than the last one.

Afterwards, we started talking about her ability. She explained that along time ago, another shapeshifter transfered her ability to her. “how?” I asked her. “By having sex with her” she said. “But we have had sex many times and…” I paused, realizing what she meant, “wait, having sex with her? you used to be a man!” I said, and she blushed. “I might’ve been a man, but right now I am genderless honey. Just like you are now” she said.

“me? you turned me into a shapeshifter? so if I were to think of being you, I would…” I paused, noticing my voice now sounded like hers “… become you?”. I was surprised. She then transformed herself into a blonde girl. “Care to do some experimenting honey?” she asked me. I didn’t say anything. I looked at her eyes passionately, and kissed her. We walked back to bed, where we had our first lesbian experience.

Oh by the way, since that day, we have tried sex in many different combinations. Sometimes I am the woman, sometimes she is the man. Whenever I am a woman, Kim calls me Kat. We are now thinking about getting pregnant. So we are running a bet, the winner will be the one to carry our baby.


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