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A shapeshifting tale

Ever since I found out shapeshifting runs in the family, I can’t get enough of it. My mother had it, my grandma had it, and now, I have the ability too. Abilities first show up around puberty. I felt awful when I got them, it was like the worst flu you could imagine. I had a fever, chills, aching body, even some gum bleeding. After the sickness part passed away, my mother explained what I had gone through. She took a couple of weeks off work to teach me how to shape shift. “It takes a lot of concentration” she said. Read more

Genie Series #58. @bdanks

“Shapeshifters are so much fun” Genie said after reading Brian’s wish. “Hello genie, my name is Brian. My wish is to be able to shapeshift into a different female persona whenever I feel like it. Thank you so much”. Genie liked to grant wishes in a different way everytime, and she had something special planned for Brian too. “Wish granted” Genie said and faded away. Read more

Having fun with his power

[This is a continuation from my caption “Blue Panies”. Request from @asaccio02]

A few weeks after Ryan showed his friend about his shape shifting ability, he could shape shift into anyone by just wearing a piece of clothing, and he would transformed into the person who wore it last. He was kinda still intrigued by the feeling of being a woman and having the sensations he never felt before, when he transformed into his friend’s neighbor. Ryan wanted to feel being a girl again, but he also felt wrong to shape shift himself into someone he knew, he had an idea to sneak into his sister’s room and steal an article of her clothing, but it felt wrong. Read more

Not this again

“Damn it! Again?” Luke groaned as he felt the throbbing pain in his head. The sight of a nice pair of breasts in the morning could make a man happy, but not Luke since these were his breasts. Luke was a shapeshifter but he couldn’t control his powers so he never used them. From time to time his powers could get out of control, turning him into a various diffirent forms. Luke had to stay focused all the time but it was really hard when he was drunk. Yesterday he went out drinking with his friends. He had a little bit to much and his powers got out of control again, transforming him into a hot woman. It happened few times before after he got wasted and everytime it was hard to change back. Once he had spend two months as a teenage girl before he managed to change back. It looked like Luke will have a lot of work if he wants to be a guy again.
He tried to focus but the flashbacks from the night were disturbing. Suddenly he realized that he just slept with his best friend. First he purposely let his power take over and changed into a girl to prove his friends he werent crazy. Then he started to seduce his friend Mike. It was just for fun and to tease him but later everything got out of control because of the alcohol and Luke ended up having sex with Mike. He felt a great shame for doing it. There was no time to waste, he had to change fast. This time however something was not right. No matter how hard he tried there wasnt even a slight change, it looked like his powers were gone. Later he discovered the horrible truth. It appears he got pregnant after the night with Mike. Now he was stuck for nine months until the baby is born and Luke knew it wont be an easy task.

Another kind of shapeshifter

If you think about it, this isn’t so bad. A few years ago I found a lamp, yes, yes, a magic lamp. By now, you all should know the deal, three wishes to be made, and a genie that might missunderstand my wishes. I tried to phrase everything as perfect as I could. “I wish I owned several appartment buildings which I rent for money”, the genie granted my wish without a problem. I was settled for life, I didn’t have to worry about money, ever. Read more

Water On The Subway

“Oh Shit!” said a hot, busty woman. She ran behind some cover and looked down at what she had. Her name was Andy and she/he is a shapeshifter. Andy was born (a guy) with a strange power. Whenever cold water hit is skin, he would transform into a random woman, and change back to himself whenever hot water touched his skin. He was on the subway, when a man spilled his water onto Andy, he then ran off the subway. his hair growing longer, his clothes started feeling tighter. His face morphed into that of an extremely attractive woman, and his shirt busted open, with his enormous rack. “Oh Shit, I’m late for another day of work!” He slipped his hand down between his rack and said, “Well, at least I have something else to do on my ‘sick day'”

Shapeshifting curse – something different (part 3)

After taking a shower I got dressed and went downstairs. “James, I have to try something… I want to turn to my former maleself for a couple of hours… you don’t mind… don’t you?” I don’t know why, but I felt the need for his approval. “I knew it wouldn’t last long anyways. So anything you want” he said and then kissed me. I felt even more attracted to him, but anyways, I concentrated, and in no time I was back to being a man. Read more

I married a shapeshifter

I have been married to Kim for 3 years now. After one year of marriage, she told me she had a little secret to tell me. “I am a body shifter” she said. I didn’t even know what that meant, but she explained by morphing her body into a copy of my favorite actress. I was speechless. “I can transform into anyone” she said while then transforming into a copy of myself, “And by anyone I mean anyone”. She then transformed back into her again. Read more

Seeing double – choices

I was making out with my girlfriend Kim in her bedroom. It was the first time ever she allowed me to get to second base, “finally” I said as I squeezed her right breast. “You like my breasts John?” she asked me, which I found even more weird, except when she is mad, she never calls me by my first name. Then, someone else entered Kim’s room. It was Kim, I mean, another Kim, dressed exactly the same as the Kim I was making out with. “What the hell?” she asked, “John? who is this? were you cheating on me?” I was as confused as her. “No! I was with you, I mean I thought it was you”. “Well, throw this BH out!” she said, but the other Kim then said “I don’t know who this girl is, but I am Kim, the real Kim. Throw her out!”. Read more