Gender equalities

The new subject in school was called “Gender equalities”. Everybody had to it, it was mandatory. The school director said, that this exam is important to push the gender mainstreaming. However, the questions for that test were so easy that nobody learned for that test. If you wrote something, like “Woman are equal with man” or “They can handle jobs in high positions as well” you easily passed it. For me this subject was so unnecessary that I decided to make fun of this test and wrote all the times that men’s are so much better than women, they should stay in the kitchen and so on… I thought it was fun…

The one thing I didn’t know is that the school uses the same nanobot injections like the government does for sexual criminals, which turned them into womens for the same time as long they would go in jail for their criminal act. “To make them more understandable for woman” they said, but in fact they only did this because the jails were too crowded.
As one might expect I failed that test. “Too change my perspective on women” I was forced to undergo this nanobot procedure and to be women till I pass this test…

So here I am now 3 days after I was turned into a woman. And yes I definitely was a woman, with all the equipment. I was really in shock after I woke up at home and felt the emptiness between my legs. I had tits which were bigger than the ones from my 18 years old sister. I hated it as she made fun of me and said: “See it from the positive side, know we will not argue anymore if the toilet seat stays up or down!” As much as I hated her for that statement, I had to admit that she was right, standing was not an option any more. However, sitting down to pee was not the only new thing I had to get used to. Even the simplest things, like walking, felt so much different. When someone wakes up from one day to another with C-Cups they would understand. It’s like having pudding strapped around your chest, they go up and down with every single fucking step you take. When I ran down the stairs at home, I always grab them while running to keep them in place. I didn’t want to except the fact that I needed a bra.
Until know I was not even ready to masturbate as a woman, even if I was sometimes a little bit aroused, and wet down there between my legs, the imagination to have something inside me made me nervous. The man inside my had didn’t want to admit that my body has not longer the equipment, to do it the other way around.

It was clear to me I had to pass this test a soon as possible, to get back to my normal life. I sat down on my black chair at my desk, turned up my computer and checked the online portal of my school… I was shocked…. Tears ran down my face…(must have been the new female hormones) The next test date was on the 15th October after the summer holidays. I pulled down my top, which i borrowed from my sister, putted my sweaty hands together on my thighs, looked down and thought to myself: “So this is the few I have to get used to for the next 5 months….”


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