How i met your grandfather

“Grandma, can you tell us how you met grandpa?” Megan and Tommy asked. “Sure, take a seat” Betty was happy to spend some time with her grandchildren. “It all started in 1953. I was on my way to the beach with my girlfriend Nancy”. Megan looked puzzeled “You were a lesbian?” She asked. “No. Back then i was a straight, 21 years old man” Betty smiled. “How?” the kids stared at her with their eyes wide open. “Well, i was with Nancy at the beach. She was so cute and smart” Betty lost herself in her memories. “What happened?” Megan interrupted her daydreaming. “Let’s say i was thinking with my other head” Betty winked. “I met there a beautiful blonde girl, i don’t remember her name but she was stuning and she definitely flirted with me. When my girlfriend went swimming i used the occasion. One thing led to another and i was about to score that girl” “And…?” Tommy’s curiosity was rising. “And it was a trap. She was Nancy’s friend and they set it up all to find out if i was faithful. Nancy was furious. She turned out to be a witch and she casted a spell on me. Minutes later i was transformed into a woman. You can’t imagine how terrifying it was. I stood there speechless, dressed in a girl’s swim suit.” Betty paused. “And what was next?” Megan asked. “I ran. I didn’t know what to do so i ran home.” The kids couldn’t belive it. “I will make some tea and continue later” Betty said and stood up.

“So were was i? Oh yes the change” Betty said sitting comfotably in her chair. “Wow! How do you managed with that change” Tommy asked. “Well it wasn’t easy. I had to make a new identity for myself. I changed my name to Betty and started to live as a woman. I found a job as a waitress, It wasn’t so bad but i had to deal with some dirty comments from some customers. You know i was considered pretty hot back then” Betty chuckled. “Yeah, but when did you met grandpa” The kids said at the same time. “It was a beautiful, sunny morning. We just opened up when a man came in. I noticed he was checkng me out the whole time. I ignored him but later he came up to me and introduced himself. He was a photographer and asked me to pose for him. I was young and adventurous so i agreed” “You were posing naked?” Tommy asked and his sister slapped him. “Tommy!” Megan was disgusted. “No, it was later” Betty laughed. “Back then i posed in some dresses. He took the pictures and paid me for them. It was a good way to make some extra money, considering i didn’t make to much as a waitress. Few day’s later he came back and said his boss loved the pictures. He asked me to become a full time model. I didn’t hesitate and agreed to his proposition. We had a lot of sessions together and soon we were meeting after our work. He was very handsome and i slowly fell in love with him. We became a couple and worked together on our photoshots. Here, this is one of my pictures. It was 1955. Back then i was already his girlfriend and two days after he took it he proposed to me” Betty smiled. “What was next?” Megan asked. “We got married. Soon after our weddin i found out i was pregnant. I gave birth to your uncle Ben, then your mom and finally your aunt Judy”. Megan and Tommy looked at eachother and then at their grandma. It was the most unbelievable story they ever heard.


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