This Is Gonna Be Fun!!!

I figured out the perfect way to get back at my ex-wife . I took photos I had and sent them to Nuu Yuu body suits. They have a way to make a bodysuit an exact copy of any one . The package just showed up. I went in the bedroom and opened the package. It didn’t look like much, just a lifeless looking skin with brunette hair. I read the instructions that comes with it and then got started. I stripped down to my birthday suit, feeling anxious. It then said to slowly start with your legs and work your way up being careful and make sure that you keep the suit up against your skin. As I slid it on , I could feel the bonding with my body as a little tingle was felt. I looked down and was surprised , my legs now looked like hers! I continued to pull it up ,getting to my waist and butt. I noticed there was a sheath were my penis is to go so I have a functioning vagina. I slid it into the sheath and WOW! I now have a pussy!!! I continued to pull the suit up over my butt and up over my waist. This is feeling weird and fantastic at the same time! My butt and waist now look like hers ! As I pull the suit up to my shoulders, I can feel my stomach area constrict and tighten around my rib area. Damn, I barely was able to catch my breath! Whew!!! Next, I slide one arm at a time into the arm slots. If you could see what I’m seeing, It looks weird! I’m female from about my stomach area down, and male up. So , I stuck my right arm in first, making sure the skin is tight. My right arm now looks dainty, so lets get the left one done. I’ve now slid the left one in and one thing left to do. The head… As I pull the suit up to go over my head, the chest area comes up at the same time. “Ok, Here we go!!!” As I pulled the head part over mine, I could feel the added weight to my chest area but couldn’t see anything yet. I pulled the head part around and smoothed it over my head so I could align the eye ,nose and mouth openings. Once I did…OMG…Is that me??? It looks just like her!!! This suit is fantastic! It feels like me !I’ve got to get some pictures….Am I getting turned on??? OMG !!! I’m getting wet!!! Well, before I get my revenge, I’m gonna try this suit out!


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