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How i met your grandfather

“Grandma, can you tell us how you met grandpa?” Megan and Tommy asked. “Sure, take a seat” Betty was happy to spend some time with her grandchildren. “It all started in 1953. I was on my way to the beach with my girlfriend Nancy”. Megan looked puzzeled “You were a lesbian?” She asked. “No. Back then i was a straight, 21 years old man” Betty smiled. “How?” the kids stared at her with their eyes wide open. “Well, i was with Nancy at the beach. She was so cute and smart” Betty lost herself in her memories. “What happened?” Megan interrupted her daydreaming. “Let’s say i was thinking with my other head” Betty winked. “I met there a beautiful blonde girl, i don’t remember her name but she was stuning and she definitely flirted with me. When my girlfriend went swimming i used the occasion. One thing led to another and i was about to score that girl” “And…?” Tommy’s curiosity was rising. “And it was a trap. She was Nancy’s friend and they set it up all to find out if i was faithful. Nancy was furious. She turned out to be a witch and she casted a spell on me. Minutes later i was transformed into a woman. You can’t imagine how terrifying it was. I stood there speechless, dressed in a girl’s swim suit.” Betty paused. “And what was next?” Megan asked. “I ran. I didn’t know what to do so i ran home.” The kids couldn’t belive it. “I will make some tea and continue later” Betty said and stood up. Read more