Imagination running wild

I entered the lift. I really hated it, I have been stuck alone in this same exact lift before. Today I was going to the 7th floor, to a friend’s party. “It sucks I am showing up all alone” I thought. As I pressed 7, a really hot woman entered. She had long brown hair, blue piercing eyes, and a perfect body. Although she was smiling, she looked quite sad.

“Floor?” I asked hoping she was coming to the party too, “6” she said. She had an accent, I couldn’t tell from where, but she sounded quite hot. The doors closed, and as we started to go up, I thought about how cool it would be to be stuck with her on the lift. And exactly then, it stopped. “Shit” I said, she just smiled. “Don’t worry, it should work in a few minutes” I said. She just kept looking at my eyes, I tried to look away, but her sight was just so sexy.

I closed my eyes, and I started to picture her naked, I imagined how she took her red dress off, and ripped my clothes off. I looked down, and saw how she guided my equipment into her pussy. It was all in my mind, but something was off, it didn’t feel like I was inside of her, it felt like something was inside of me. I looked down again, and saw how he was entering my pussy, thrusting in and out. I could see my bare breasts, he took a big lick on one of them and It felt great. It was the first time I had imagined myself being a woman. I then felt the lift move again. I openned my eyes, and saw the guy infront of me, he was still smiling, I just smiled back. “Maybe it is because I just broke up with my cheating boyfriend, but this guy looks quite hot” I thought.

When we reached the 6th floor, I adjusted my red dress. “I guess this is me” I said as I walked out. I looked back, and noticed he was checking my ass. Which turned me on a little. “Maybe you should come to the party on the 7th floor… if you want…” the guy said, but before I could answer the doors closed shut.

This time, I took the stairs to the 7th floor. When I entered the appartment, I noticed all eyes were on me, I continued walking. I felt confident and sexy. I had one thing on my mind, I had to find that hot guy again, if he is as sexy as I think, I will surely invite him to my appartment one floor down. He will sure help me forget about my ex.


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