Genie Series #33. @Ffnick61

“Not big enough” Nicole yelled while she was being fucked. She had one thing in mind, and one thing only, to find the biggest cock for her hungry pussy. It wasn’t like that not long ago. She used to be a guy named Nick, and back then she made a wish, “Hi genie, my name is Nick and I wish I had a huge cock between my legs”. Genie understood it perfectly, “Oh I know exactly what you mean” she said, “back when I was a mortal, I did enjoy a big cock between my legs too. Wish granted” she said.

Nick was at home with one of his friends, when he heard someone call his name. “Did you hear that?” he asked his friend. “No” his friend answered. Still, Nick stood up and walked toward his room, where he swears he heard somebody call his name. “Come on Nick. The sooner the better” a whisper could be heard. As he entered his room, he felt goosebumps. The change was instantaneous. He was on his bed, with a guy below him. He looked down and realized he no longer was a man, he had breasts, and by the way he felt a big cock pushing in and out his new found pussy, he realized he was a woman now.

Nicole couldn’t help but moan. She loved the feeling of it, she started squeezing her new breasts. Which helped her reach an orgasm. Although her wish was granted, she realized it wasn’t enough. She wanted a bigger cock inside of her. “Bot big enough” she kept repeating. Since that day, Nicole has been searching, she’s been with all kinds of guys. One day, she hopes to find the biggest yummiest cock to have between her legs.


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