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Genie Series #33. @Ffnick61

“Not big enough” Nicole yelled while she was being fucked. She had one thing in mind, and one thing only, to find the biggest cock for her hungry pussy. It wasn’t like that not long ago. She used to be a guy named Nick, and back then she made a wish, “Hi genie, my name is Nick and I wish I had a huge cock between my legs”. Genie understood it perfectly, “Oh I know exactly what you mean” she said, “back when I was a mortal, I did enjoy a big cock between my legs too. Wish granted” she said. Read more

In Heaven

I have a confession to make. I love big cock. So much so I let my best friend cast a spell on my to turn me into the blonde petite girl of his dreams. Now I’m on my knees in front of his throbbing piece of meat I’m stunned. His cock is far bigger than I would imagine. It’s even bigger than my phone. Soon I’ll wrap my warm lips around his cock, and hopefully he’ll return the favor by fucking me crazy!