Game Over!

“Defeated!” You smile as the your computer screen dims. You wonder what sexy transformation is about to befall on your character as you reach for your cock. A bright white light flashes on your screen, stunning you. As your vision returns you realize your not in your room anymore, but some ornate chamber. You barely have time to register you’re standing and wearing a dress when incredible arousal floods your body. “Ahhh…” you moan in a unfamiliar feminine growl as your chest balloons outward in unimaginable speed and pleasure. Your mind quickly melts.

“Sensitive…Empty…Cock” your squishy mind repeats as fondle your juicy tits and rub your thighs together. An unbearable heat burns your groin. “Cock…Cock…NEED COCK!”

The orgasm torrents through you. You squirm and shake your slutty little body as your hot girl cum squirts out of your swollen pussy. “Cummmmmmmm…” you dreamily think as you feel yourself running down your legs and dripping on the floor. The fog over your mind thins, but barely. “Sooooo…good…more…” Your simple mind collapses fully and willingly to your needy whorish desires.

The wizard grinned as the new slut settled into her new form. He couldn’t believe his luck when this odd adventurer agreed to drink his so obviously cursed ‘Sexy Potion’. “Maybe he knew what was cumming,” he mused as he dropped his trousers.

I mean you knew this is what was gonna happen, right?



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