Transformation Condom

The Transformation Condom turned Larry on the left into a hot blonde babe. He held the package for another in his new dainty fingers with an angry look while his friend Jerry laughed. He knew Jerry had something to do with it as he needed a girlfriend after being single for so many months. Larry was not amused, especially when Jerry called him Larissa. Then “Larissa” got an idea.

She played along, enticing Jerry for a BJ, and of course, Larry’s hormone’s got the better of him, and he also thought he had won! Then Larissa wrapped the other Change Condom around Jerry’s penis, and he was changed, as the condom dropped off his penis much like it did Larry’s when his penis retreated into him to form a vagina and indoor plumbing. Soon, Jerry was holding the Change Condom Package with an angry look just like Larissa had earlier.

Jerry was now a hot redhead, and Larissa now called him Jessica! The two found out not only was the change one way, but they were also getting strong new desires for men and cock! The Change Condom was supposed to make them not only sexy women, but with high sex drives as sluts. As they both starting thinking of big hard strong men with big hard strong penises, they both screamed while grabbing their new boobs, and now wet pussies!


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