Friend To Girlfriend

I never meant for this too happen. It just thought it’d be funny you know, to change him into a woman. I thought it’d be hilarious. Watch him adjust to sitting to pee, wobble in heels and have long hair. Plus I could use a bit of blackmail for some saucy photos or enjoyable experiences. Little did I know that the potion I slipped into his beer that night wasn’t exactly what I thought.

I brought the potion in a dark alleyway and I thought it didn’t change the mind. Just the gender and that it could be simplistically reversed with another potion. But it wasn’t, it changed the mind and it was permanent.

Brian who was my extremely close friend who was obsessed with racing cars and other sports became Bianca a busty blonde whose mind was set on clothing, cosmetics and even men. In fact she loved men.

I didn’t get to experience the humour of watching her fall in heels, patchily apply make up and complain about sitting to pee. It was all natural. In fact, heels and skirts are much of her wardrobe. I feel terrible. I robbed him of his life yet he’s improved mine, it’s great to have a girlfriend this hot.


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