Shouldn’t Have Snuck In On Momma Part 3

“What Mom,” I said, my hand on my newly thick hip. “Do you have a problem with me walking around without my pants on? Maybe I should just go naked then…”
“No, no sweetie, it’s fine!” she said frantically. The tables had turned dramatically: now it was her who was jealous of my huge breasts, and she should be.
“Good,” I said before heading into the kitchen to get something to eat. I had been eating a lot lately: the best way to grow my tits to be even more titanic was to gain some weight. Sure, I could have done without it going to my thighs, and stomach, and everywhere else for that matter, but it was worth it for bigger breasts. And I did still look super sexy too.
Although…maybe I don’t need to do it like this. I had almost completely forgotten the stone Hilary had given me. Maybe I could make another wish…
I ran upstairs to my room, and took the stone out from my underwear drawer. I heald it close to my inflated bosom, and made a wish…
I wished to be able to seal my mother’s breasts.


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