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The prank of all pranks. He has no idea. The more and more he drains the flavour from the lollipop the more and more his masculinity drains. He’s becoming a woman. He won’t know who he is. He’ll just be one perfectly busty cock-sucking absent minded woman. Oh look at him, or should I say her? She’s turning out so well. I almost want to have a lollipop myself.

Dolly’s Dresses

I hope the girls like my dress. I can’t believe that I didn’t want to wear these a year ago. There were so many things I thought that I’d never get used to, but it all seems pretty normal now. I can still clearly remember being a guy, but I just don’t connect with that identity anymore. I remember the first time that mommy tried to get me to wear a dress, I was so angry I almost started crying.
“I’m your son! You can’t make me wear a dress!” I screamed
That seems so silly now. I really did resist for a long time after I caught the feminine flu, almost a full six months. I wore boxers, refused makeup or to do my hair. I event tried to lower my voice even though it sounded ridiculous. Now that I’ve met more women in my positions I’ve learned that for most of us the breaking point came when the first boy started to pay them some attention. However, boys being boys most people gave into their female identities within a month of their physical transformation.
I was determined though. Boys would talk to me, place their hands on my knee and I slapped them. This didn’t happen to often though, I hardly went out and when I did my clothes were so baggy that my gender was hard to determine. It was a serious case of denial, I was becoming more and more attracted to boys but I could not stand the thought of giving in that way, so cliché.
“Oh Randy! Of course I’ll be a girl for you!” –gross-
No, for me it was something different.
I was with my mom and little sister at the mall. My mother was determined to get a nice Christmas card.
“I just want to show off my two gorgeous daughters and show everyone that we don’t need no man!” she laughed, we’d caught my father in an affair six months ago and had hardly seen him since.
Because my mother was so determined she had managed to get me into a dress with minimal makeup. I could not stop blushing or swearing under my breath. The very worst part was that I did look pretty good. I walked over to the raised platform where women try on dresses and observed myself in the mirrors. There was no man there, only infinite women staring back at me. I moved my lips and she moved her lips, I moved the edge of my dress and the infinite shes did the same. That was the first time that I had really looked at myself for any extended period. I was shorter than I used to be, I slipped out of my high heels and stood no taller than 5’ 3”. I stood maybe 5 inches from the mirror, observing every change in my face, my newly plump lips (with light red lipstick), my eyelashes (with light mascara), my soften jawline that lead down to my cleavage, my cleavage. It was at that moment, lost in a trance that one of the women in the store stepped next to the platform.
“You really should buy that dress, it looks really pretty on you” Read more

How I changed

My friend Tom tricked me into putting a necklace on. He said it was a gift for his sister, and he just wanted to see how it looks. “But I am a guy” I said. “I know, I just want to see how it looks” he insisted. “Fine” I said and put it on. “Ok, you’ve seen it, now I am taking it off” I said, “You will do no such thing. Leave it on” he said. I really wanted to take it off, but somehow I couldn’t. Read more

Wife (awruk88)

Martin awoke to shock. A woman, on a beach. He was no longer a man on his couch. That was an absolute certainty. Then it began flooding back to him. His friend, or former friend made Martin female. A beautiful girl with a slim yet not featureless body and blonde hair. Mia. Martin was hypnotised to be Mia, the girlfriend of his friend.
Martin was furious and the memories kept flooding back. His friends extravagant dinners with Mia which often followed a passionate session in a hotel room. Martin recalled the way that himself as a woman was an expert of walking in heels and wearing make up despite never having any experience before. Then he remembered the marriage.
This was not any day at the beach. It was Mia’s honeymoon following her wedding. Her beautiful wedding were she wore the most elegant white dress. She was so pretty. It disgusted Martin.
However, there was no way out. Martin was Mia, he would never be a male again. He was a woman and the wife of his friend, her husband. It’s time to move on and live the life as the wife of his friend.

Trying the new suit on

“Andrew, you really look like a woman” Tom told his best friend. He crossed his legs, and smiled while looking at Tom. “I don’t look like woman. I am a woman” Andrew said. “And please, call me Audrey… By the way these are as real as they get” Audrey said while pointing at her breasts. “But how is that possible?” Tom asked. “Bodysuits love” Audrey said mockinly. “So, it is only a suit? you are inside of it?” Tom questioned her. “No, well, yes… for a few more minutes. As we speak, I can feel the suit merging with my own body. I don’t even feel my cock anymore” Audrey said. Read more

Perfect Plan

“So… I’ll go over the plan one more time” Tom told Andrew. Andrew looked at Tom and said “It is so hard to concentrate with these” pointing at his new breasts. “Please focus” Tom said, “You are supposed to seduce Jeremy and steal the cashier’s check from him”. “Ok, ok seduce Jeremy” Andrew said. “And for the time being, remember your name is Audrey” Tom said. “Yes, Audrey, seduce, steal” she said. Read more

Quick wish

I thought it was the perfect wish. “I wish I could always be with Emily” I said, “ok master…” the genie answered. “No wait… and that she loved me more than anyone” I added. “Ok, wish granted master” the genie said. I didn’t know how the wish would happen, but I closed my eyes, hoping to see Emily next time that I openned them. But instead, I felt something on my back, I was lying down. I realized someone was grabbing my legs, “Must be Emily” I thought. But then I felt something give me a big push on my crotch. I felt something on my chest bounce. “Oh god!” I yelled. It was orgasmic. Read more

New friend

Andrew was greeted by a stranger at his home. “I turned rather cute don’t you think?” the woman asked Andrew. “Wait? who are you?” he asked. “Don’t you recognize your best friend?” the woman said as she took off her blouse. “Tom?” Andrew asked her. She smiled, “not anymore”. Read more


Well, there I was, on my knees, crying. I felt so ashamed. I mean, last night I couldn’t help it, why should I? I was so horny that I slept with two of my friends. At the time it sounded like a great idea. But the next morning, I felt weird, and a little ashamed. I am a straight guy, well I guess I was a straight guy. “I know that now I have the perfect woman’s body, and any guy would want to sleep with me, but I don’t want to be a woman” I softly cried. Read more


Whoever says the otherwise is lying, the medallion is so much fun. I tricked my friend Andrew to wear it. Although the full transformation took some time, I started to see the changes immidiately. His mind was the first to wander, “That guy is cute” he said. I laughed when he said so. “It’s not funny. I don’t even know why I said so. I like guys… I mean girls” he said. Read more