Hiking Trip to Remember

Angie and I had been hiking buddies for years. We were just friends. Sure I appreciated that she was a nice looking woman but what kept us going after college was our love of the wilderness.

We were hiking along at upper elevations one Saturday when we saw the thunderclouds. Lightning can be dangerous up there so I said “Babe, we better set up the tent and ride this one out.” She laughed about me being a bit bossy but she knew I was right.

The bolts got closer and closer. One was about 50 yards away. It stunned us both into a semi-conscious state. When we were able to rouse ourselves a couple minutes of later it was clear that the force field had scrambled us. I could feel that my body had shrunk by five inches and I could feel the weight of my new breasts. Of course my cock was gone. I was Angie, top to bottom.

At the same time she was discovering that she was me, Phil.

He said, “this is pretty amazing, Angie,”
I said, “It is.”
He said, “I never knew having a cock would feel like this. Just looking at you makes me hard.”
I said, “Don’t look at me then. Remember a minute ago it was my cock.”
He said, “Let’s get those hiking shorts off and it will be yours again, only in a different way.”
I said, “We better start by thinking this situation over.”
He said, “While you are thinking it over, get your clothes off.”

Him being that interested made me wet down there. I didn’t say anything. I took off my top and he started at my breasts. I could see the outline of his cock under his jeans and knew I was about to see more.
I knew that I was Angie and I wanted it so I reached across and unzipped him! I said, “I understand you have something for me.”

And there it was my big cock on Phil and he was he ready to fuck me and did he fuck me. He laughed and and put me down on my back in the tent and said, “We’re going to ride this out, Angie.”

Boy could he get a long way inside me and each thrust was across my pleasure center. I was crying out. I could feel him getting closer to closer and I was getting closer in closer. He felt a mile inside and I wrapped my legs around him. He came and I came and we lay in a sodden mass with him still aside.

He smiled and said, “Let’s keep doing that all afternoon. Let’s swim in the river and then you can see what this cock feels between your lips.” And I thought what a great idea that is.


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