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Fisherman Reborn

Eugene had been a fisherman for fifty years, like his father before him and his grandfather too. His grandfather always claimed it all went all way back to his ancestor in ancient Greece, who seduced an ocean nymph and was blessed with good fortune at sea. Of course, Eugene never believed that. Read more


“Gawdamnit, Clyde! But why’d you have to go and call that old lady a cunt?!?!” Dave yelled. Read more

Seductive Curse

The swelling start imperceptibly behind Sam’s nipples as Ariel stroked her cursed boyfriend’s chest, filling his chest with a strange heat as they puckered outward. Read more

Magical Closet

The magical closet is irresistible. It is a closet full of donated clothes, make up and jewellery. When you put on an item of clothing you take on the trait of the previous owner’s body region in which that piece of attire covers. For example you put on a woman’s bra and the previous owner had big breasts you will have big breasts.
I walked in and was unsure what to pick. I must of been standing there for at least 15 minutes, wondering what could give me the hottest outcome.
I pick up a hair brush with a few blonde hairs stuck in it. I brush it through my shortly cropped brown hair. My hair became lighter and blonde and sprouted out from my head and down towards my back. Next, I slipped on a fishnet woollen top over my topless body. My upper body thinned out and two fleshy mounds formed small breasts. I picked up a pair of blue panties and gradually slid them up my legs. What happened next was unreal. My male junk reformed inside me and a new slit emerged. It was sublime. There was so much space in between my legs. I was ecstatic. This is exactly what I wanted.
Next I pick up a pair of pantyhose. As I slide them up my legs, the muscle diminished and body hair was obliviated. My legs were becoming feminine and shapely. As I pulled them up over my bum I felt the bones in my hips crunch as my hips became hips that would be defined as female. My ass puffed out and I was a complete woman from the waist down. Tears formed in my eyes at the thought.
Satisfied with my work I look in a mirror. My body was hot and sexy, however I had forgot an essential thing. I still had my hideous male face. I find a collection of make up. I pick up a brush and dab in a fine cream powder and began to apply it to my face. I watched in the mirror as my nose became small femininely dainty and the rest of my face as well as ears became female. I pick up some mascara and apply it to my eyelashes and my dreary male eyes are replaced by big gorgeous brown eyes. I am immensely satisfied by my work. To finish it off I pick up a pink lipstick and paint my lips as they become thick and extremely kissable and sexy.
With that I went to the exit. On the door it stated that once I passed through that door my current form would be permanent. I couldn’t get through the door quick enough.

The Garden

It was said to be a magical place. A place where one can start anew. The Garden was a place for sinners to start over. Legend has it that those who truly wanted forgiveness would enter the Garden to be “reborn.” The people of the forest described what happened there as something that only the gods could be responsible for. There are very few remaining artifacts of The Garden, but there are still the stories. The most famous being that of a man named Balbus. Balbus was seen as the devil himself. He was cruel, devious, and a sworn enemy to the common good. The man, who was not a believer, entered The Garden deep in the forest in an attempt to destroy it. As he was walking, a bright light had blinded him. Before he fainted, he heard a voice say, “The Cruel and Wicked becomes the Gentle and Loving.” When he woke up, he was in the body of a woman. Before he could question anything he once again heard a voice. “Be reborn my child of the garden.” All of the sudden, he felt a sense of peace. He was not angry at the gods, but instead he prayed to them. He was now She, and she was clothed in what appeared to be a dress of fine silk often worn by the Sisters of Ailania who are known throughout the land as missionaries and caretakers. She became famous throughout the land for her good deeds and was known as Laurlia the Gentle. As time passed, Laurlia became a legend of a magical world. And while The Garden was lost in time, a woman was not.


I always felt a bit self-conscious when going to the beach. I wouldn’t say I was fat, but I wasn’t proud of my body, that’s all.
One day, I was looking for a new swimsuit. I chose a plain black one, quite large, and went back home. Read more